Thursday, June 29, 2006

Inter-Class English Oral Competition.

I noticed a drastic change on the bottom set of my teeth. Brushing my teeth doesn't feel right at all. It felt like I was brushing some foreign object that replaced my teeth a couple of days ago and the structure of the whole thing was plain weird. My teeth doesn't hurt that bad anymore. It's slowly getting used to the force of the rubber band. So immuned to it that I can already yawn (quite) widely and my immitation towards a Mariah Carey song (or nowadays, Siti Nurhaliza) is improving.

Seeing that my teeth was feeling better, I consoled myself to take up the honour of representing the class for the oral competition. Well, not exactly. Mr. Goh did give us the details during his English lesson, yesterday, when he contemplated a little bit whether or not to explain further to the class about building of the machine in the The Sound Machine. His words were convincing enough to believe at that time to make us agree on representing the class. I went home doubting his words, though. Doubting that it was only a lie from him to trick us into saying yes. Turns out to be, he was true. It was nothing like a public speaking competition. No restless students as audience and no stern judges to face. No staggering up on stage also!

It was literally an oral competition. Just like the ones we have in class to gain extra credits for SPM later next year. The only difference is that this is done to another English teacher, one on one. No big deal. Seriously. I'm not trying to be complacent or boastful, but this is nothing compared to the reading I do in church. We didn't have to prepare the text for this as we were provided with one. Something about the Straits of Malacca. Some questions were asked after the passage. I had a little difficulty answering the questions cause I was pretty much focused on the technical part instead of the understanding part. Nevertheless, I pulled through.

I could easily tell that none of us were nervous at all, given the relaxed environment in the hall, after we were run over by the rules of the competition. It was quite an easy job actually. Read and answer. I can't believe all the fuss I went about, being nervous about this! It was so useless. There wasn't any sweaty palms and fidgety fingers, sitting on the perfectly alligned chairs, being briefed about the rules, over and over again. No sign of a tight bladder and perspirations of The whole thing was nothing as I expected. This was my first time entering a "competition" as such.

I totally don't expect to win or anything but I'm pretty happy that I did it... after knowing that it wasn't difficult after all! Mr. Goh kept telling me that, "Go beat them flat!". My only reply was, "OMG, sir, you're putting the pressure on me!". Sometimes, a little pressure is all I need to get me going.

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