Sunday, June 04, 2006


Still sick. It's Pentecost Sunday today and I'm sick. Pentecost Sunday : The day when tounges of fire (known as the Holy Spirit) descended upon the heads of Jesus' disciples which enabled them to PREACH in tounges. It's the parish's (Holy Spirit Cathedral) feast day and there was a little celebration. Parishioners were treated to a free lunch after the 10.00 a.m. mass by the church itself. It started a few years back - treating the parishioners to a decent meal during the feast day of the parish - and somehow it became sort of like a tradition now. After all, we're Catholics. This is just counted as fellowship, I guess.

Woke up to a rainy morning. The sky's been pretty down nowadays. I think it's the monsson season, which explains all the rain we've been getting. Well, I love rainy days! Rainy days are just perfect for me to cuddle up with comforters and watch favourite movies or read or just listen to music. It feels extra chilly when it rains and the whole house seems to turn darker than usual when it rains. Cooler, in fact! Watching the neighbours on the other side of the block scampering to collect their laundry when the cloud grumbles, seems to be so much fun! Oh, I love rainy days!

Blew my nose so hard when I woke up, that for s sudden second, I thought my nose could bleed! The mucus was pure yellow when I opened the tissue paper which I blew my nose in. Didn't come as a surprise. Scrambled to my feet to the bathroom and took a quick and hot shower. Had some breakfast before my medication and took off for church.

Spent my whole day, literally coughing and blowing my nose! I don't know how the stupid cough grew so badly! I was grasping for air most of the time, regretting the whole time I neglected the thought of bringing my inhaler (and other medications) along for the day! The mucus just wouldn't stop flowing out trhough the two holes that protrudes out of my face. Seriously, can anyone tell me how the body produces that much of mucus for me to blow out?! I think it could've filled a whole pail if I were to blow it all in! It's rather irritating, to be speaking to someone when you suddenly feel something cold and watery creeping out of your nostrils and you just have to blow it out!

Food intake is absolutely out of the quetion! I mean, I did eat but the food felt like it was coming out with every cough! I felt nauseous most of the time. Felt like barfing anywhere I go. Mom says it's because of the cough that's irritating my throat which makes me feel like barfing. I take her theory. Felt like passing out every now and then when the (really) bad cough strikes my lungs and it just feels like someone just stabbed your chest! I've just taken a bunch of medications - couldn't be less bothered about the prescriptions. I think I'm overdosing on medications again. Oh well, nevermind.

That was how I felt the whole day. After mass, we proceeded to the optometrist, Mr. Haw. He's this really old (fashioned) optometrist. A really good one indeed. We went to him through a recommendation by an old friend of dad's after we tried out England Optical. Let's just say, England Optical didn't really lasted long. I got my second spectacles from him and ever since, we've never changed another optician. He's clients are usually seniors but I'm one of the few youngsters who believes in quality and not looks. Admittedly, he doesn't have the latest range of designs but he has really good quality spectacles. My previous one lasted me about three years - with my little attention given to it to upkeep it. Just had my new ones made last month, I think. The point is, he's vision tests are completely accurate and the quality of his glasses are of the best! Besides, he's a really friendly guy! You could visit him if you like at:

SunLife Optical
28, Light Street,
10200, Penang.

So mom and I got our glasses fixed while dad collected his sun shades. We left the shop feeling all cheerful. Reminded of a catalogue dad received a few days ago about a sale on furnitures at a nearby shop, we headed towards it. The sun was extremely hot today, stinging our skin each time we stepped out of the car. It took us only an hour to make up our mind on which sofa to buy. "Finally, we're getting a sofa after the renovation!" exclaimed Grace. I gave her an odd look. We filled in the information needed for delivery and dad did the payment. "We'll inform you before we deliver the sofa which is about three weeks from now," said the saleswoman pleasantly. Mom and dad nodded in agreement but I went, "Now, that's a bummer!"

I was still coughing when we left the furniture shop. Seen no improvements at all on my condition. I felt that it got worse as the day went on. It was late in the afternoon then when mom and dad decided to turn the car around to Gurney Plaza to get me my long-awaited digital camera! Well, I did a little pestering before this. =P. Wasn't in my best shape to go camera hunting, but... how could I resist? Coincidentally, it was the last day of Gurney's Camera Fair and the cameras wwere cheaper than usual. Irresistable offers were everywhere! The prospect of getting a DSLR camera seemed to be out of the question, I had my eyes on normal digital cameras.

Grace was a big help to me. She did most of the questionning and for a certain minute, she was really paying attention to the things the salesperson has to say. Seeing that my sentences are usually cut off with a bad cough, she helped me in a lot of ways. I headed straight to the Sony booth as soon as I stepped off the escalator, with Grace by my side. Had a thorough look at some of the models. The salesperson wasn't very camera-literate, so we left for Nikon booth. No models interested me and the salesperson was vaguely rude, shooting us what-the-hell-do-you-know-about-cameras looks. Squeezing our way through the crowd to get to the Panasonic booth.

Panasonic's DMC-L1 got my attention. Was convinced to purchasing it, after mom had a "frindly chat" bargaining with the salesperson. He was going to throw in a few other goods like a tripod and a leather case for us until I met the Canon PowerShot S3 IS!! It was so awesome. It basically had everything the Panasonic DMC-L1 has and more! The Vari-angle LCD screen totally got me! Not to mention the speed of this thing! It was awesome. Mom had another "friendly chat" with this salesperson and he threw in a tripod for us. With the excitement in me, my cough got even worse and my nose didn't stop itself from leaking!

The salesperson informed us that there were no more units left and I'd have to wait till this Friday to collect it. "That's a another bummer!" I said, the words coming out in between coughs. Dad paid the down-payment of RM100 (the actual cost of the camera was RM1899) and the salesperson issued us a receipt. I left him my contact details and we went home empty handed. Weird, huh?

"That's your birthday present, ok?" mom said, as we got into the car. I nodded disparagingly as I blew my nose into another piece of tissue paper, scrunching it into a shape of a wanton. Mom fell silent after that, as though feeling the burn right through her pocket. We went through McDonald's drive-in for some food (although I could barely swallow anything) before heading straight home. Couldn't help but feel happy all the way home.

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