Friday, June 02, 2006

The O.C. Completed.

I think I'm coming down with a fever or flu. I've been having a slight sore throat for the past couple of days and have been sneezing (and blowing!) my nose off for the past four hours I tried to finish The O.C. Season 2! My whole rubbish bin's piled up with wantons - a little term Carina gave for that helpless little piece of scrunched up tissue paper shaped into a wanton with mucus fillings. I wonder how the body produces such a load of mucus that could literally flow like tap water! The sore throat was right after I got back from BRATs. It still hurts.

Despite that, I still managed to finish the remaining four epsiodes of The O.C. that was held up way way before my exams. C'mon, all it needed was some clicking of the mouse to play the movie and me lying down on my bed, enjoying the show from a distance. The good things about downloading movies are that it comes in really good quality (if you're lucky, like me) and there no worry for commercial!! It usually take an hour or so for an epsiode on TV but the maximum time it could get on my computer is 45minutes. Another thing is, you don't have to keep yourself anticipated for the next episode to see what's going to happen! Keep going with the episodes, no one's stopping you! And my personal favourite thing is that I get to watch it on my bed with the comforts of my room - which could only mean, a fully air-conditioned room, with the light turned off and no disturbance at all (if you lock the room and throw away the key, of course)!
From left : Summer, Seth, Marissa and Ryan

I name it, Matt's Cinema! I mean, I've had guests coming into my room for private screenings of movies that are not even out yet. Example, High School Musical!

So back to where I was. The final four episodes of The O.C. was kind of shocking. It turned into series of infidelity by EVERYONE! Everyone (who was on a relationship in the show) was rather unfaithful to their mates. And Kirsten's alcohol addiction was quite unexpected of a model mom! Her accident totally took me off guard! And the death of Caleb Nichol was kind of a sad piint to me also. I mean, Julie was going to spare him, wasn't she? Fate. The movie ended with Trey (Ryan's brother) getting shot by Marissa! That was so cool! The close-up of his shot with the blood literally trickling out of his chest (I think that's where ther heart's at), that was pretty cool! Seth and Summer's conflict was the best, I think. Oh well, I guess this is what you call teen drama. But all in all, it had a good finale to the season. There was definitely some loose ends here and there, like what happened to Seth's comic carrier? I'm now looking for the 3rd season for me to download. That is IF i could clear my hard drive of space to make space for the 3rd season!

I guess I'm pretty glad that I finally finished the series! I'm looking forward to Season 3 to see what happens to Marissa.

I came, I saw, I conquer. Now I'm taking down Grey's Anatomy! I'll have to go stuff myself with some paracetamol first...

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