Friday, June 23, 2006

Saturday Night.

It's Friday night. The end of another long and tiring week. This was a really really long week. My weekend is filled with another pile of homework and assignments. Adding to my previous unfinished heap. I just got like, 2 inches of homework done of the previous pile. I don't know how in the world am I going to cope with this new pile of assignments and homework. *scratches head* Urgh. *pushes the pile to the side*

I spent my whole Friday afternoon, internet-surfing (again). It's so addictive. I get so absorbed into cyberspace once I start and it's kind of impossible to get my eyes off the bulky 17-inch, 3 month-old, monitor. As you can see, I've finally found a pretty neat way to upload music on the blog. But I've got to admit that the music's kind of annoying when you're a heavy music listener like me, who has the speakers turned on with songs for 24-7, cause it disrupts your music at a very undesirable time. I still like it. Spent half of my afternoon making changes to the blog. Maybe I was just suddenly inspired by MayaKirana's talk earlier today that I felt a sudden urge to upgrade my blog to a bearable state - the introduction was awful! I think it's better now. Let me know what you think.

Spent the rest of the afternoon editing pictures and uploading them onto Flickr, visiting DeviantArt, Wincustomize, Velocity Forums and checking my emails. I've stopped downloading stuff for the present moment, if you were ever wondering. Can't seem to find anything to download these days. *yawns*. I've been pretty busied with the new camera. I've been taking it down for daily evening walks around the housing area. It's slowly turning into a workout for me, cause I tend to sweat alot during these walks. My photo editing skills have been nothing but useless clicks of the mouse to desperately make the photos beautiful. I haven't installed Adobe Photoshop CS2 since my last computer breakdown. Never got the hang of it. I'm thinking of installing it after I get some really easy graphical guidebook on Photoshop CS2. Dummies just ain't working! My eyes are not trained for thousands of tiny words, printed in black and white on dull grey pages.

Anyways, as far as I know, the 23rd, 24th and 25th of June are days of clashing events. I've had my eyes on the Cheer 2006 event. It's held in Komtar Geodesic Dome on the 23rd and 24th of June. No sepcific reasons of me wanting so mcuh to be there, but I just wanted to get in with the crowd to see how it's like to be in one of these cheerleading events, despite the fact that the shots of the participating squads published in the newspapers don't impress me much. Part of it is also because of the camera. Another gaining experience for me if I was there. Besides, Soo Kui Jien's going to be there. At least get an autograph. =)

Other than a cheer event which I am not attending anymore to accomodate dad's schedule, there is also the Hotlink Football Beach Party tomorrow (Saturday) at Bayview Beach Resort. It's stated that it starts at 5pm but who knows when it'll end. Initially, I was going to invite Grace to come along with me to the events but since she got her schedule all filled up, trying to fit in all sorts of activities with her friends and colleagues before she actually leaves, leaving no time for her family, I'm just going to sit at home, curled up in my own little corner, reading the remaining pages of Harry Potter and the Order Of Phoenix. Mom offered to go with me to the beach party, but... I don't think it's a suitable place for her or any of my parents for that matter.

Once again, I'm living up to my title as the social loser. That's my life, huh?

The other event I know that's been going on is that Mac at Gurney Plaza is holding a sale for the three consecutive days that I've mentioned. Would love to go and have a look but I'm so broke. After the sudden purchase of a camera that costed near to RM2000, mom and dad are pretty much still in the lost of words when it comes to mentioning the price of the camera. Hey, we're not from a well-off family!

It looks to me I'll be spending my Saturday night listening to Nelly Furtado's latest album Loose or Teddy Geiger's Underage Thinking, sitted in front of the computer, reading June's copy of Digital Camera Magazine over and over again and maybe will continue with the Canon Powershot S3 IS manual that is still folded halfway through the little book, under my desk.

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