Monday, June 12, 2006

11th June 2006.

Considering that I'm dead tired today, I'm just gonna post some pictures about my birthday yesterday . A reason to show you the pictures taken by my Canon Powershot S3 IS too! Too tired to actually write anything. School today was at Dewan Sri Pinang (theatre). I was called by Mr. Goh to go as a supporter. It was a good way for me to adjust to the early wake-up time without being so stressed out about unfinished homework and to miss the first-day-of-school-misdeamanors like long fingernails and long hair. Don't know how was school like today as I spent the whole time in the theatre to "support" my fellow schoolmates on their English Drama Competition. The new timetable and time schedule is effective from today onwards. School ends at 2.00p.m. and I still haven't get my new timetable, meaning, I'll be bringing the wrong books to school tomorrow and once again, missing lessons.

Back to the pictures.

The day started with us visiting kong-kong's grave. Everyone (aunties and uncles and cousins) came back from afar to visit kong kong's grave. The slab of stone was just finished a few weeks ago and we did some prayers when we
were there.

Had a little gathering after that at poh poh's place. Everybody was having fun posing for the camera! I was inevitable glad that everyone accepted the camera well and not have secret conversations behind my back saying that I'm rich. Well, if there was, I wouldn't know.

Had some durian right after. It IS the beginning of the long awaited season! Durian is my favourite fruit!

Proceeded to the Balik Pulau market after that for a little walk. We started the day early and the market was still opened. Not that it had an opening or closing time, but most of the hawkers were still there.

I attended the Lectors' Tea-cum-briefing session later that afternoon. Was extremely reluctant to attend it but mom was persistent to send me there. I had to attend and bear the 2 hours being stuck with Lucille Dass. It didn't go that bad, actually. It was kind of fun as Lucille call it a bonding session.

I managed to persuade mom and dad to take us down to the beach after my tea-cum-briefing session. After asking for such a long time - since I realised that I was living in Penang ISLAND which was surrounded by beaches and that going to the beach is not a hard task for us! It wasn't supposed to be even a task at all! But obstacles always tumbles into our way when it comes to the beach.

There, we celebrated my birthday at the beach. It looked dysfuntional enough! LOL. All those food and table was akak's and mom's idea! We had practically everyone staring at us!

I guess that's the end. The end of a new beginning of a new age, I suppose. Dad hasn't mentioned anything about motorbikes or license. Am I off the legal age in Malaysia? How I wish I could be driving a car by this age!

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