Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Frustration in Me.

The frustration of waiting for the camera's really stressing me out. I just got off Matt's Cinema, watching Scary Movie 4. It didn't turn out to be as funny as I thought. The introduction of the movie could already give out that the whole show's been made up of cheap, lame and lousy jokes that anyone can come up with. Or is it because of my frustration that I don't think the movie was funny? I can't tell!

I need help...

My frustration's been growing over the days, with the help of the not-so-bright wheather! And I'm feeling really guilty now that I've been letting my frustration slip out on others. After Scary Movie 4, Carina said hello to me through MSN (obviously!). For no good reasons, I felt oddly annoyed. She invited me to webcam and I accepted. Due to some medication overdose and anger (of some sort) that has been building up in me, I wasn't very polite to her. The webcam connection was downright lousy in the first place to get me going! She could barely hear what I said and I could barely hear her! The images transmitted were choppy! I switched my webcam off and told her to get Adrian to fix it! My patience was just on the edge! When Adrian got around to it, I wasn't that keen on forming any real conversationg anymore and just said a shallow, "Bye and goodnight."

Then came Edward. I wasn't very nice to him either. He sounded quite cheerful and happy over his messages and I just felt extremely lousy and slightly pouting. I was pretty cold to him through my messages. He asked me for a favor and I said no, almost instantly. Not my usual self. But it was kind of true that I couldn't help him. My mobile had no credit and I don't have the person's number. Another thing was, he kind of dissapeared since I got back from BRATs! No texts or emails! No news at all! The only thing he does is leave me offline messages over MSN at really ODD hours, saying hi or just nudges! And he doesn't even keep his blog updated at all! And here I am, still remembering that he wanted to go the movies during the holidays and now? Not even a sound from him! Maybe he deserves my coldness...

Hold on a minute... this is not me! I don't know what I'm saying! I'm going out of my mind! I need my medication! Oh gosh, I'm really insane! Someone, help me! I want my camera!

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