Saturday, June 03, 2006

Camera Surfing.

Feeling sick now. Really sick. The sneezing and the blowing of the nose is beginning to turn into a cough. My theory, the phlegm from the nose travels down into the lungs through the throat when I don't blow it out and it itches my throat, therefore, making me cough. You could think that I should be used to getting sick by now, seeing that I get sick every month. I'm not! No one ever gets use to being sick! Spent the day feeling bloated and stuffy on the ears and nose. Why the hell are they so closely related? *groans*. Discovered that yong tau fu could be a good substitute for solid food (besides koay teow t'ng and porridge) when you're sick. *blows nose* *sneeze* *sneeze*. Really sick, if you haven't noticed. Hands are all fidgety.

I've been doing a little research lately on digital cameras, since I got back from BRATs. Mom mentioned that she was thinking of getting me a digital camera as a birthday present, since the old one broke down. I've been looking up at various sites for camera models and the ever-so-feared PRICING!! I found the Canon EOS 30D quite attractive with an 8megapixel and 2.5" LCD screen! It didn't mention the macro distance though, cause I'm more interested in details. Quite a handful to digest after I discovered that the local price was RM5999! Nevermind that! I'm still searching for a more affordable DSLR camera and if I fail to do so, I'm just going to get a normal digital camera. I have my eyes on Sony DSC-T7!

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