Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rainy Day.

Initially, I didn't want to have the title "Rainy Day". I mean, I did, but I felt it was too cheesy so I discarded the whole post. Wasn't in the mood at all to write (type). I changed my mind when I was exploring Flickr just now, when I saw this picture.

Rainy Day...

I know it doens't really depict the way I feel but I must say it's a good picture. Good macro. Which is why it's making my days a living hell.

It was indeed a rainy day here. The sky was opaque the whole day, moving only every now and then, with a nudge of the wind, letting little amount of sunlight escape through its cracks and turning opaque instantly, as if it realised that the sunlight was trying to escape. It's just another ordinary lazy rainy morning, I suppose. Settled down with a little overdue-d homework after my (holiday) morning routine - usually starting off with brushing my teeth and shower, breakfast after that (whatever that's on the table), medication, followed by a glance through the newspapers and a little fresh air at the balcony.

I come to find that I live in a quiet and serene suburban neighbourhood after my morning routines started to kick into my system. One can actually wake up to the sound of singing birds and amazingly clean air. There's not a sign of busy streets and honking cars. Instead, the image of green trees and manicured lawns with blooming flowers with the morning dew greets you in the morning. Take in a deep breath , standing on the balcony, one will almost feel transfixed to the spot. Ten years of living in this place, and I only realise this now. Weird. The only sound pollution I get is from the occasional sirens from the police or ambulance and one of my upstairs neighbours singing karaoke, horribly. Something tells me my music covers most of the sound in the block, though (thank goodness I have a fetish for jazz nowadays).

Tried my hands on some of my homework after my glorious morning routine. Reluctantly dragged my schoolbag out of the pile of bags that were dumped into a corner of my room since the holidays started, dust it a little and with a heavy sigh, pulled open the zip. It was as if I discovered an ancient scroll emitting the worst smeel ever as I saw the contents of my bag and gave it a shot of disgust. Lazily, pulled out my book of Analization of The Malay Literature and one of the exercise books and rummaged through my pencil case to look for my pen. Started copying notes straight from the book. I was, as usual, struggling to pen my words down with the inevitable shaky hands during (or after) holidays!

I blame it all on the medicine I took. It always felt that way after medication. The drowsiness and everything just won't stop coming! Especially the jittery hands! It's getting worse and it's actually convincing enough to believe I have Parkinson Disease! By then, excuses kept bobbing out of my head to agree with my evil self to stop whatever I was doing. I carried on for a little while and gave up not long after. Leaving my pen and books on the desk, I turned around and slumped myself on the bed, guilt and regret rushing all over me. It was exactly the same, yesterday. Just that, I didn't even bother to do my work then and I had no difficulty telling myself to go to sleep. The shaky hands was there and I just went to sleep and felt everything got better when I woke up.

The only reason I only bothered to (or at least try to) do my work was that the frustration of waiting for my camera was getting the best of me. Well, I can't hide my excitement, can I? I've been wandering aimlessly in the house (thank goodness, it's only in the house) mumbling, "I wan't my camera," since Sunday. I really want it! I guess, that explains my visits to Flickr nowadays. I've been busying myself looking up photography sites and got some really good tips and techniques. It's just that, I STILL DON'T HAVE MY CAMERA! Everything seems to be dull to me (thanks to the sky!). Days seem to stretch longer and time, slower. This is torture! OMG (I've not used this in a long time), I'm obsessing compulsively!

So far, the only thing I can say is, my days are really rainy.

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