Saturday, July 01, 2006

Alarm Clock.

"Please turn on the alarm clock at 3am, will you?" poh poh said in the sweetest tone of voice, while sitting on my bed. I was almost baffled by the words because it came to me that I've never used the alarm clock since I was eight or so, when I started to discover the use of the alarm clock itself! All I can remember after that was that I had always hated the alarm clock and never once did I meddle with it anymore. Hey, mobile phones are here to save our day with a more tuneful song to wake us up! However, I did attempt to switch the alarm clock with a little bit of fidgeting here and there with the dials found behind the clock while poh poh turned her back to face the wall.

Poh poh wanted to come along with us to bid farewell to Grace, so she's staying for the night. Bunking in my room, on my bed while I pulled the bottom bed out. Our bed is one of those double-layered ones which you can pull out from under the bed. Not a double-decker, though. I'll just have to sleep in the bottom then.

Journey starts at 4a.m.. Meaning, I still have about 3hours to get a nap! I'm all packed... I think. My bags are gathered to one corner of the room. I'm still adding music to the thumb drive to be played in the car tomorrow. Was thinking of a little bit of Kenny G and Michael Buble to create the perfect sleepin atmosphere in the car. Mind you, sleeping is one of the best ways to shorten a journey!! It really does!!

I guess that's it for the night. I'm retreating to sleep (hoepfully) and I'll be in KL for the next two days. I'm still not sure whether I set the alarm clock right. I'm just going to depend on my mobile phone.

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