Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beyonce Knowles - Deja Vu


I just seen this video over at YouTube, out of curiosity. I never liked the song the first time I heard it. Edward agreed too saying that it wasn't Beyonce "quality". Listening it on the radio the second time was like, breathing new life into the song. I didn't liked the song, immediately, but boldly clickling the 'Play' button to listen to it after Edward said that it sounded good if I'd try listening to it, made me kinda liked the song. It wasn't an instant fave but I'm beginning to feel the rythm and the beat of the song, pumping in my veins, after playing it on repeat for a few hundred times today and after watching a good quality version of her video at YouTube.

I must say Beyonce looks more like a deranged dancer in this video rather than her usual self. Seriously, the way she shakes her booty gives me the creeps. The messy hair isn't really working for me. She looks desperate and slutty in this video. Especially when she was working it on on Jay Z. I got almost mistaken that she grabbed his crotch the first time I saw the video. It's kind of scary the way she work things on Jay Z. Too slutty. Still, she managed to pull off most of her outfits in this video, as usual. She's really hot and sexy and looks like she could work with any outfit thrown at her.

Despite her being a crazed dancer and a slutty biatch, she still manages to crac me up in most of her dance routines. I practically laughed my head off when she was dancing in the dessert and with the black leather outfit towards the end of the video. She looked like she ran dry on moves when she was in the black leather outfit, dancing really funny moves and striking really odd poses that made her looked inhuman. And her dance rotuine in the dessert/paddy field gave her away as more into a trance than dancing. It's kind of freaky if you were to replay her video again and again. She kinda got a little carried away in this video, I think. I mean, her hand motions, facial expressions and body language... a little overdoing it, dont'cha think? Nonetheless, she still looks hot and sexy in this video.

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