Friday, July 28, 2006

School and Family.

Third day of school after the monthly exams, I can already see the usual pile of homework stacking up again. My hands are already filled with so many stuff and homework just adds to the list. But frankly, the pile of homework also conists of a few overdued and incompleted homework. =P. For one, my moral assignments are way past the given dateline and in school, I come across tiny shreds of papers, clipped between my textbooks and and exercise books, with homework that was given on the beginning of the second term written on it. It's like, "Crap, I still haven't done this. How could it slipped off my mind?" when I discover reminders in between pages of my textbook. I'll just shove it back to the page where I found it and continue with lessons, hoping that it'll strike my mind to do it when I'm free. Hell, I'd give anything to be with mom now.

Mom's on a business trip in Hong Kong! She left at 7 a.m. yesterday and would be arriving tomorrow at 6.30 p.m.. She was sent by the company to Hong Kong to attend a certain meeting with the other company for 3 days and 2 nights. I wanted her to bring my camera along but she refused, afraid that it'll proably end up broken or stolen in the streets of Hong Kong. *groans* Who knows what she's doing right now? Her last text to dad was that she was enjoying a vast array of dim sum there. I know I'd be shopping if I was there or probably taking pictures. Either way, it's better than what I have to do this weekend, which includes me deliberately trying to finish my homework and assignments apart from other stuff.

The only thing that keeps my sanity intact is the knowledge of me attending SONY's Nature Photography 2006 project in about a week's time from now. Yeap. The highly anticipated project is held annually by Sony (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., jointly organized by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, and supported by project partners, CLICK! Magazine and Malaysian Nature Society. One of the activities of this project is a "Student Nature Camp" which will be held at the Belum - Temenggor Forest Reserve from 6 to 9 August 2006. A group of 50 secondary students and teachers will take part in this discovery trip to this forest reserve to learn more about nature and eco system. It wasn't easy to get into this camp as they only accepted one representative from each school. Penang had only 4 schools going and my school was one of them.

Apparently, there aren't alot of photography enthusiasts in my school - there were only 4 students (me included) who responded to the announcement of this camp. I was the first one to get there, hoping that I'd be able to get the place first hand.

Just to clear the air, I wasn't wanting to go for the sake of representing the school. Instead, I was more keen on going to gain personal experience. There's only going to be 50 participating schools form all over Malaysia and it was extremly crucial for me to get into this program. I felt that I deserved to be on the program too, at that point, cause I was the only one who knew about the camp (and the important details) before it was announced. I was sent an email from AE the day before, informing me about this whole Sony program. Interested as I am, there wasn't any apparent way of me enrolling in it. At the sound of Ms. Lee mentioning the words "SONY Nature Photography", I couldn't help but work my way into getting things done my way!

I was the first respondent to arrive at the school office as the announcement faded through the PA system of the school. Some other students emerged a few mintues after I did. Ms. Lee was reluctant to approve of the first respondent as I had no encounter with her at all and I had nothing to prove to her that I was photography enthusiast. Unlike the other respondents who had hardworkingly contributed their talents in various forms to the school and was popular among Ms. Lee, I had nothing with me for back-up other than my passion and interest. Na-da. I even had the crazy idea of showing her my Flickr page or Photo Blog, but pulled out of it when I thought it'd be too much of an obnoxious act.

At the end, with a little bit of audacity (into admitting that I have a good camera and even to the extent of promoting myself), self confidence and sweet talk, I got what I wanted. In another way, I'd have to thank Ryan also for letting me have the chance to go on this camp. He could've retaliated and pushed his way around me to get Ms. Lee's approval when she told him to let me have a chance to represent the school for something, considering that he just got back from Singapore, representing the school for Young Enterpreneuers, I think. He was also the vice president for the schools' Photography Club. What didn't he have that could easily let him take my place? But he didn't. Instead, he said that it was Ms. Lee's choice and he respects it.

Ms. Lee was in a hurry to fax the application form back to the Ministry Of Education, so she personally called dad for approval on this matter. She got my particulars and signatures and the usual stuff. Briefed me a little about the whole program and let me off with the permission slip which needed dad's signature. I was on cloud nine to be walking out from her room, to have finally achieved something for myself. I'm so pumped up and excited about this whole thing! Now, let's leave the nervousness, the I'm-not-sure-about-it-myself, and the lack of confidence matter aside for the present moment. Let me savour this moment of triumphant....

Back to reality, I still have to attend another week's worth of school before attending this thing! It sucks! It sucks when you can see this really bright light at the end of the tunnel but never able to reach it! I also have to wake up at 6 a.m. tomorrow (Saturday) for volunteering at the Salvation Army Donation Drive under the school's Interact Club. I think I'm going to sleep now. I'll try to cramp in an episode or two of Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break or The O.C (season 3). Take your pick!

Special intentions to Adrian (my beloved cousin) for going for an eye laser today. Not sure what he has but he complains of this blurness in his left or right eye, I can't remember. The doctor's advice was to go for this laser. Second opinion from another doctor claims that he has this disease in the eye called coates. I'm not sure about his whereabout now, but I hope his resting well. If you're ever reading this, Adrian (which I know you will, sooner or later, no matter how many times I change my blog address), get well soon! We're missing your wacky-ness since all of this befall on you. Hope he recovers soon. God bless.

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