Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday Afternoon.

I've dedicated my whole Sunday afternoon, catching up with Harry Potter and the ongoing dramas between Harry and Cho plus the disbelief of Harry to find out that his dad was a school bully, instead of the usual ritual of disecting the History textbook or self-burial into unsolved Add. Maths questions, preparing for the upcoming monthly exams. With a bowl of leftover (homemade) coleslaw and a spoon sticking out of it, clutched in my left hand, I type this, listening to Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek, slowly, becoming my favourite song if I were to continue playing it on repeat and watching the sky through my window at the back of the monitor, gradually turning indigo.

I've decided to take things a little easier from now on. Considering that next year would be the dreaded SPM year, now's the only remainig time for me to hog up on movies, cantonese soap dramas, TV series and waste time! Just for the record, I'm not just going to merge myself into a couch potato freak, but I have decided not to stress myself so much from now on... till next year, that is. I've been told that this was suppose to be a "honeymoon year" since the beginning of school term. I never did took that seriously. Meeting with an old Sister (nun) today, made me aware that I should really learn to have some fun and laze around (especially on Sundays), when she told me, "Oh, Form 4. Honeymoon year lah!". I might just start to take that phrase a little more seriously.

Thus, the download of a new series, Prison Break and the second season of Grey's Anatomy and also the third season of The O.C.. Anyway, it could still be so relaxing to put your mind off some books on Sunday afternoons and just do what you like best. In my case, huddled in bed , reading Harry Potter, listening to some good music and enjoying the moody wheather outside the window, with the occasional low grumbles from the sky, is exactly the way I enjoy my Sunday afternoons.

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