Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It's getting extremely easy for me to spend my entire afternoon, looking, reading and commenting on blogs! I mean, there's an endless list of blogs out there and every one just seemed to be so fun to look at! I don't need to be blog hopping to read up blogs. The blogs that I've subscribed too can already give me a handful of stuff to gauge at. Needless to say, I'm not the only one writing posts that might as well be as long as my wishlist. But most of the time, I just scan through long posts, picking up what's important and interesting. I know none of you actually go through my posts as well. Well, no one reads anything on my blog except the tagboard!

So my usual pile of homework's been stacking up again. By again, I'm saying that I actually managed to shed some off the weight of my back and it didn't even last me 2days for it to pile back up. I came home from school today with a handful of Add. Maths, Accountancy, Science, Economics and History. Ahh... this is the life. Monthly exams are coming up next week and homework haven't been subsiding. In fact, the teachers seem to be more aggresive on giving out homework. They seem to be delighted at the very thought of their students, scribbling madly across the book to get their homework done by the given dateline, which is usually the next day.

Homework was supposed to be subsiding, since last week, in order to make way for me last-minute heroes to do their revision! I haven't managed to touch a single book on my shelf. Not even having the intitiative to pull out the History book to read up on the history of Islam, every once in a while! As usual, I find myself receded with studies and examinations. I swear, that there was NOT one class that I entered, this week, that didn't involve me fumbling for my pencils and erasers, hastily to catch up with notes and me turning the pages haphazardly, causing the pages to tear till the middle of the page, to make it to the next number of notes.

It's also July and most of my note books are almost used out to the very last bit - even the back cover of the book is filled with notes! My inks are also nearing to the tip of the pen. It's time to save money to re-stock my school supplies. Who wants to go shopping with me??

Which makes me wonder how Grace is doing there. Her classes have begun. We just made a phone call to her and she sounded really sick through the phone. It was either the line was bad or that the flu was blocking her nostrils that she sounded as if she was talking with a tube stuck into her nostrils. It's her birthday tomorrow and Edmund wanted to sabotage my mobile phone to make a phone call to her. I wrestled him (yea, pity him. Imagine his size and mine) for my mobile phone and randomly picked up the house phone and dialled her number on it, handing the receiver to mom and left. I did managed to have a word with her, after eveyone had had a go at the telephone. Keeping the conversation short as usual was easy. Wished her a corny "Happy Birthday" and said our 'love you's and shut off the phone, with her blowing her nose on the other side. I couldn't make out whether she was crying or she was really sick. However, she still asked dad for some money for school supplies also.

Regardless, I can still manage to find the time to blog about these uneventful happenings around me and the viccinity of school. Just comes to show that I'm not paying any attention to my homework and assignment. The only thing I find enjoyable doing around my house during rainy afternoons is to read Harry Potter, since my downloads are not completed yet.

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