Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Journey.

It seems to me now that it is not impossible to get connected anywhere aorund the world now, provided if you have a computer and broadband. Well, I did used my cousins computer to get online during the last trip to KL (which was somewhere in December) and I just didn't remember it. My cousins have all gone to school and Aunt Mary (formerly known as tai yi) was just nice enough to let me use the computer while they are gone. I'm not sure how they'd feel to see their computer meddled by another person without their personal permission, but I know I'd be sorta pissed.

My cousins haven't reformatted or changed anything on their computer since the last time I used it. Apparently, the display pictures on the MSN Messenger that I used was still there when I signed in just now. Pictures of KL I took were still available on my MSN account on this computer. It made me feel a little bit of recognition, I guess.

So, yeah, we've arrived in KL and we're putting up in Aunt Mary's house for the night before Grace's varsity registration tomorrow. There was certainly a level of heavy-heartedness when we left the house at 4a.m. just now. Grace brought almost her whole room full of stuff - it'd be a whole house full of stuff if we didn't stop her! We were all squeezed into the car with Grace's luggage and suff, feeling pretty drowsy, sleepy and tired. I slept at 1a.m. and poh poh woke me up at 3a.m.! How much sleep did I get? I'm still pretty much sleep now. I slept in the car on the way home to Aunt Mary's house from breakfast, earlier just now. I couldn't possibly peel those eyelids of mine opened even if I was to stick a toothpick to keep it open!

Thankfully, Aunt Mary allowed me to occupy the empty computer chair for the moment. I realised that I am actually a computer addict. I was like, "The only thing that's gonna keep my eyes open is that if I get to go online, right now," when I was dragging myself up the stairs to the second floor of Aunt Mary's 3-storey bungalow. If it wasn't for this, saliva's probably dripping down my clothes from the edges of my mouth as I lay asleep on the couch facing the balcony! But dad's feeling up that spot for me right this moment!

Speaking of dad. The 4hour journey went smoothly as expected. I mean, we were travelling at 4.30a.m. in the morning! Who in their right mind would choose such an odd time to travel?! Dad did. When asked the reason to why he chose that time, he said it was to help him keep awake. I managed to insert a number Kenny G pieces into the pen drive for the journey, but when played in the car, I got scolded for it! "Don't play this kind of song! You're going to make me fall asleep!" dad yelled at the sound of the saxophone feeling the car! Angered by this, I took out my portable cd player (yes, I'm still using one cause I can't afford a decent MP3 player!) and turned on the volume to 20 to only have mum commenting on it again, like she always does when she can hear the sound, sipping out from my earphones.

2hours into the journey (somewhere in Ipoh), I woke up from my sleep, remembering nothing about the last song played on my portable cd player. We were at one of those toll plazas when I opened my eyes. Dad was asking about the attendant on how could he reload his Touch 'n' Go card to make the journey faster when my eyes adverte to the wind screen and spotted a baby cockroach! *gasps*. I choked on my water and let out a helpless yelp while (literally) punching dad on his shoulders to make him kill the nasty little pest! I got nothing but another yell from dad, as he got shocked from my punching and yelp! "Take the tissue paper and kill it lah!" mom said cooly from the back of the car. I hesitated but took the tissue paper, paused for a while and pressed hard on the creature!

I sighed a little and savoured the moment of triumph over the creature... to only see it crawling at the back of my hand! I screamed so loudly that Edmund woke up from the his slumber in mom's arms. I was screaming and shaking my hands to get rid of the hideous insect! I wasn't going to slam my hands on the windscreen or something! Ewe! No way! Everyone in the car was awoken by my battle with the cockroach that they all stared at me for what seemed like an hour! I could tell dad was pretty crossed about this as he never expected me to be SUCH a coward. He knows that I am afraid of creepy-crawlies but he expected a little more from me instead of a helpless cry! Mom and dad started blabbering on the importance of being a MAN and kept on telling me that I needed to overcome these petty little fears!

I couldn't be less bothered by their lecture then as I already had it like a million times before! In my 16 years of life, that was my first time I actually tried to take down a pest with only a tissue. I'd never kill anything without a tool that stretched away far from the handle I was holding. I missed and I was unprepared! To me, no big deal! But to them, it means like a whole world! "Oh please, cut me some slack! There's much more than overcoming your fear of cockroaches that maketh a man!" my insides yelled with fury at both mom and dad as I was beginning to find their point unreasonable.

I guess that's my parents. They could be so opened and cool at times, yet they could be so narrow-minded and old-fashioned at the same time! I plugged in my earphones again and forced myself to sleep with Lindsay Lohan's Edge Of Seventeen, bursting my eardrums. I have no idea where I shook the cockroach to. I'm not going to find it either! I hope it did not go into my bag cause it was opened then. Wait... I'd better get akak to check my bag!

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