Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Disdainful Diagnostics.

Monthly exams are going on. As you can see, I've put no effort in this exam, seeing that I'd fail anyhow. Initially, I did put in some effort, effort that wasn't seen at all through the first term. But after I found out that the subject I most put effort in was going to undergo some Diagnostic Test by the government, I kinda lost whatever sense that's left in me. It made my effort seemed all the more useless that they were going to be put into test in some nonsensical test that obviously doesn't even require simple calculations and can be easily answered by a 10 year old.

Don't gget me wrong. It's not that I have any problems with he government testing us on basic English understanding skills on the subjects that were changed from B.M. to English a few years back, to see if we could cope with the change so far. I'm being considerate to other people who might encounter problems with the change and this test really doesn't require any much preparation. I'm not saying I'm good or anything but the questions that are asked are, what I'd say, easy for even someone like me - who doesn't study and have no basic skills in Add. Maths. Well, it's sort of an evaluation test anyway, so it's more focused on our understanding of English rather than to test our skills. In short, it's kind of easy for me. Also, no pressure is needed when it comes to one of these contemptuous tests.

So I felt that my efforts were kind of put to waste when I found out a week before the actual monthly exam that we were to undergo a Diagnostic Test for Add. Maths, Maths and Science which only means that it doesn't need a lot of preparation. A little put off by that, I turned to another Grey's Anatomy marathon, where I try to finish my entire season of the show. It didn't work very well as my eyes went all teary by the time I hit 3 a.m. Resorted my frustration to Harry Potter also. I just finished the book just now.

It felt as if I've lost all my eagerness to pass this exam.Even the pressure of fullfilling my responsibility as a son (blessed with everything he can ask for) and as a student don't seem to be effective enough to get me to revise a stackful of books and notes. It's usually me staring at the test papers, perplexed, watching the others scribbling frantically on their papers or shading their answers in the answer sheet as if their life depended on it. Hmm... I'm not like that, never will. I'd prefer studying one of those yawning invigilators, making up all sorts of stories and defining their every detail.

Or I can always bury my face into my folded arms on the table and go to sleep till the 2 hours is up and wake up drowsily to the scrunched up face of the invigilator trying to tug at my paper which is caught between my arms and the table. Either way, I'm going back to Grey's Anatomy or maybe Prison Break.

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