Tuesday, July 25, 2006

CD Review : Shayne Ward

I intended to write sooner, when I came back from school but Blogger has been a real bitch lately. I don't know if it's only me or it's the same for the rest of you but Blogger has been really stubborn to load. If it eventually manages to load the page, it'll refuse to log me in. And if I actually manage to log in and done with my post, feeling all satisfied and content, it'll log me out automatically when I press the 'publish' button, which results me in losing my posts! It really kills the whole mood of blogging when that happens! Now, I'm taking extra precaution by copying my posts before publishing it.

Is there something wrong with my internet connection or Blogger has just been bitchy with me? I don't know.

I've also got my hands full with a number of stuff lately, which is taking up most of my time to blog. I've got the MPH writing contest essay that I just finished just now. Still not sure if it's good enough. Well, I've never tried my hands on fiction before. Make this my first! My monthly exams pretty occupied my free time, although I didn't really quite study for most of the papers. I've also been working on entering a few other competitions also. I'm not telling you what it is... yet, but I'm working on it. You know, there's this myth that if you boast before somehting actually happens, it'll never come true. I bet they have a name for it but I have no idea what. I fairly believed in this superstition. So I'm keeping it to myself. Mostly, it has got to do with photography and stuff alike. You get my point. Don't bother.

So, monthly exams just ended today and I took the liberty of my free afternoon to complete my MPH Search For Young Malaysian Writers 2006 essay while indulging myself into some good music. At least it is what I consider good music. The essay, as usual, exceeded the maximum amount of words and I'm still having trouble cutting off words. Every words seems to be equally important. I'll probably deal with that tomorrow. I'm just relieved that I manage to even complete the essay, although, I still doubt the relevance of the story to the given theme. For that, I kind of awarded myself with some good music.

This time, it's Shayne Ward. The winner of X Factor, another reality talent search TV programme, I assume. I mean, Simon Cowell is one of the judges. What else could it be? I saw Shayne Ward in one of those highly-overrrated CD reviews in The Star. Seriously, the CD review is based on a single person point of view and who knows what taste of music this reviewer has. Well, I guess all CD reviews are like that. I think it serves no justice towards the CD and the artist that they're being given bad comments when the CD reviewer practically doens't even listen to the kind of music he/she was supposed to review. Oh well, why bother? I say, get the CD yourself and listen to it, rather than believing in CD reviews.

Shayne Ward caught my attention when I saw his video on MTV yesterday, with the single No Promises. It wasn't exactly the Video Of The Year but his voice definitely got my attention. I didn't even finished the video when I went back into my room to search for his album online. Downloaded it last night and has been listening to it since I got back from school. His vocals were actually better than I imagined it to be. I personally like his high-pitched tones in his vocals. It really gives some punch into his songs. C'mon, not every male singer out there these days could manage this high-pitched thing anymore. The ones I could remember were Justin Timberlake, Daniel Bedingfield, James Blunt and perhaps, Lee Ryan? Yea, only a few guys. And Justin Timberlake has underwent a throat (tonsils, is it?) surgery that he can't really work that pitch anymore, proven in his latest single Sexy Back. After all, viewers of the X Factor show voted for Shayne Ward to victory!

My reviews on his music is certainly better than what The Star had given him. He wasn't as bad as The Star mentioned, ok? He debuted with his single Stand By Me and was a big hit around. He's new single. No Promises, is slowly gaining popluarity among his fans, including me. His other songs like You're Not Alone and That's My Goal (the first track) have a unique tune to it. I daresay that his music is still fresh and new. It certainly needs some getting used to. Overall, his whole album is a soothing one to listen to, especially in the night. I don't know how to categorise his music though. Is it pop or R&B? I could never get this right! I'll call it pop for the time being. His music are mostly focused on one genre as you can hear that most of his songs sound almost alike, which is what I always look for in an album. I'd call his music original as he doesn't come forth to me as another wannabe, trying all sorts of different styles to please his fans.

The only down part about his ablum was that he had his own versions of other songs, namely, All My Life (Kci & Jojo), What About Me (Shannon Noll), and Back At One (Brian Mcknight). His rendition of All My Life and Back At One sounded pleasent enough, but nothing compared to the original. However, his version of What About Me was horrendous! It sounded like a failed attempt of turning the song into his own! Compare Shannon Noll's to his and he stands nowhere between Shannon Noll! Fortunately, there were only three songs that he did. I think it has something to do with the show though. Hopefully it wasn't his idea to do the songs. The rest of the album makes it a soothing CD to listen to.

Talk about his video, his mouth movement and body language when he sings reminds me of American Idol 2006, Chris Daughtry! There is an undeniable significance between the two of them. Take a good look at the video and take a good look at Chris Daughtry's performance. I caould easily mistaken the both of them. Call me blind, but that the way I see it. =). Check out the video below. I think the video's really cool and the song really nice. It's hard to find male singers (can someone please give me a name to categorise?!) like this nowadays.

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