Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Over The Weekend - With The Oyogs.

Knowing the fact that an exam- free weekend was waiting ahead of me and the pure fact that 5 days of examinations were over, I felt a little lighter and relieved than usual. Didn't take me long before I decided to go for a movie on a Friday. Didn't hesitate to bring Edmund along since the school was closed that day and taking my brother (and cousins) for movies has become normal for me. Dad told me Edmund was at kai ma's so I IM-ed Adrian and Carina and invited them as well. Unlike Adrian, Carina couldn't make it because she had movie plans with her other friend also.

I've been dying to watch The Covenant since I saw the trailer. No specific reasons why actually. Just thought that it'd be a more interesting show compared to The Prestige that would be suitable for Edmund and Adrian. I didn't even bother to look up about the movie before watching it, thus, the relentless effort to convince Edmund into watching the show with us, thinking that it was a horror movie in the first place! LOL. We did manage to get him into the cinema without much complications, though.

The movie turned out to be better than I expected. I mean, the least I expected was good effects when thrown into a cinema watching a movie starred by new and young actors and actresses. Pretty much entertained the other two boys also with the strange liquid produced from their hands as powers being tossed around at one another and the eyes turning black effect. Heck, it amused me too! The storyline wasn't disappointing at all either. Definitely was worth my RM6 as a stress outlet.
Adrian called it 'snort'...

Ahh.... Saturday. The only day in the entire week when I ge
t to wake up a tad bit later than the usual 6a.m. wake-up call by dad's harsh yelling. Was kind of relaxing for me to wake up with the soft warm ray of sun shining on my cheeks (albeit a little eye-blinding) through the window that I left the curtain open throughout the night. Waking up fully knowing that I needn't get ready for school carved a smile on my face as I squirm and stretch in bed lazily, rubbing my eyes.

However, the relaxing morning was cut short with
house chores. Since akak wasn't around mending and keeping the house sparkling clean, I had to do it myself. I just couldn't bear the sight of the thick layer of dust blanketed all over the shelves and cupboards at the living room (result from the renovation below). Pushed myself into grabbing a pale of water together with the piece of rag and started cleaning the furnitures - which included doing a little rearranging to the altar stuff alike. Couldn't resist having things look the way I want it, I guess.

Reluctant with the idea of completing the house chores and getting all wet in the process, I did it anyway. I managed to clean the bathroom outside, the one that I use. I must say, I'm impressed with myself when I saw how clean and sparkly the bottom of the toilet bowl was, considering that it was the first time in my entire life I scrubbed a toilet, after I was done with it. Though, when it comes to me washing, there might be a little over-usage of detergents. Afraid of the bacteria and dirt, I guess. Wouldn't be surprised if the detergent which usually lasts for 2 months needs replenishment by the time akak returns! Kind of a great feat for me.

There's just something about seeing something turning from dirty to clean that turns me on.

After shoving yesterday's laundry into the washing machine and turning the dial to Synthetics mode (hey, I'm getting the hang of this!), I got a call from dad who took his car for monthly service that he'd be here to pick us up for lunch at kai ma's. Probably decided to cook for us out of pity that we're practically surviving on an 'economy rice' and 'fast food' diet.

That night, out of the blue, during dinner (at kai ma's also) after mass, Adrian suddenly asked me if he could come over for a sleepover like the way w
e used to before Carina launched herself into her PMR cocoon and decided not to come out for a little taste of enjoyment till now. Surprisingly, Carina was also interested in tagging along, leaving kai ma with no choice but to follow us also, when mom said it wasn't a problem if they wanted to come to sleepover. This pretty much explains how Adrian helped me with my reformat till 3a.m. in the morning (I carried on till 4a.m.).

Since the Oyogs were over at our place for the night, I got woken up by kai ma yellinga t Adrian to wake up. Obviously, seriously lacking of sleep and eyelids feeling extremely heavy, I had to get up anyway because I had to my monthly appointment with the orthodontist. If you actually notice, it's been (or going to be) a year already since I had my braces on! The Oyogs certainly didn't mind following me to clinic after breakfast and later proceeding to choir practice. Bringing Adrian into one of the cubicles proved useful when he got a pretty cool shot of my teeth being tweaked and tighten with his camera. Still haven't send me the picture yet! We even stopped at Gama for a brief moment for mom to get her facial supplies while the four of us (Edmund, Adrian, Carina and I) stormed the Four Leaves bakery at Gama, seeing that it's been a long time since any of us had tasted the bread from Four Leaves.
Crammed altogether in the backseat...

Speaking of which, despite that I was having my exams, I was still able to participate in family normal family activities like attending choir practice. I even attended the men-only sectional practice on Friday with Adrian without complaining or whining or trying to squirm my way out of it, like any other normal teen would during examinations period. No wonder mom said, "I don't see the difference in you during or even after examinations! You don't seem serious at your studies at all!" when I happily announced that my examinations were going to end in two days time! Sucked the fun out of me, she did.

Anyway, after choir, we headed back to poh poh's as usual. It so happens that Amelia was celebrating her full-month of birth (err... I don't know what it's called). Technically, it wasn't even a full month since her birth yet but the Chinese usually celebrate it prior to the actual date from her birth. Don't exactly know the reason behind this custom but it's usually marked with the distribution of red colored hard boiled eggs, red colored kuih and yellow glutinous rice with curry, packed neatly into a box (from Eaton) to close relatives and friends. No idea what significance that brings but I'll tell when I do find out!

Coincidentally, it was seh yi's birthday on Sunday as well. She had dad bought some KFC before we went to poh poh's. We also managed to pick up a cake for her on the way. The same cake shop we went exactly a week ago. We got bored while waiting for seh yi to come back from distributing the package of foods. So we did something craz
y (just for pure entertainment). See, kai ma bought a bag of honey dews from the nearby market while waiting for me at the clinic. Out of boredom, I challenged Carina and Adrian to a honey dew eating contest.

Boredom got to us again after having lunch and cutting the cake (this is beginning to get normal) for seh yi. I suggested that we go to the river again where I promise them I'll get wet this time. I realized that going to the river is equivalent to going to the beach here in the small town of Balik Pulau. I dragged mom and dad to get the car to drive us up again. It just rained and the water was kind of muddy and ice cold! With less cousins this time, we made the best out of it also. Mom even brought the mashed potato to the river. Didn't feel like taking photographs at all, but I did manage to get a few shots. For some unknown reasons, I was more keen on shooting videos that day and I got a video of us, sitting at the back of Unser with the door opened because of our wet bum bums riding through the countryside.

I have a couple more of videos to post but that might take a while.

By the time we got back at poh poh's, I was dead tired and I couldn't help but fall asleep on the couch. Adrian and Carina just wouldn't give up irritating me to wake up - Carina boldly tried to pull out all my leg hair while I was asleep! "What the hell is wrong with the both of you," I asked annoyed, "Aren't you afraid that I'll get mad or something?" "We know you won't get mad at us and we're the only ones who dare to disturb you!" was Carina's prompt reply! You can guess what happened when I reached home.
Barely touched the books at all!

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