Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Naming Process.

We've finally found a name for the baby! Her official name (the one that's going to be printed on birth certificate) is Yip Hui Zhen. Seh yi explained that it means "pearl" in Chinese. Not an expert on Chinese names but I think it's alright. Seh yi has also approved that mom be her official godmother (the one's who's going to be with her during baptism)! She texted mom, telling mom to get an English name for her and that mom will be her godmother. Mom kept mentioning about being another godmother since the day the baby was born! She said it was only appropriate as they both shared the same birthday. I laughed at her idea, saying that her parents would probably like someone else to be her godmother. In the end, mom was pleased that she got her wish. Couldn't feel more happy for her. Does this mean I'm going to be another godbrother? If it is true, it rocks!

So the three of us (mom, dad, me) surfed the internet for some English names to be named to the "pearl". I did the surfing and they just watched. Seh yi specifically said that she's prefer the name to start with 'A'. As faithful Catholics (ahem), it's best that we got a Saint's name for a newborn. Like my name, Matthew, which means, the gift of God. We browsed through a random site that surfaced on the click of Google search with the terms "Name Of Saints". There weren't a hug compilataion of Saint's names starting with 'A' but there were a few that cuaght our attention. Mom suggested Agatha but I objected because the name suited more to an old lady, knowing that old ladies were also young once. The name Ambrosia, caught my attention but dad thought it was too "English" for a Chinese family (they all attend Chinese school).

We browsed through another dozens of names, each of them bearing their own meanings and significance in the Bible. Finally, we came to one voice when we spotted the name Amelia. "Amelia Yip," I said repeatingly and it's got a nice ring to it. Mom and dad (being her godparents) agreed too. Mom called seh yi up immediately and told her about Amelia which meant "excelling" and was an aunt to St. Gregory who led prayerful religious lives and encouraged each other to grow in holiness. Pretty meaningful, huh? So it was finalised that my new cousin's name was going to be

Amelia Yip Hui Zhen.

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