Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Akak's Departure.

While mom and her was busy settling the flight details and lugagges, I played around with my camera. Keep myself busy from reminding myself that akak's leaving and a possibilities of her not coming back anymore. These are a few shots that I got. Surprisingly, there was quite a number of interesting subjects at the airport, if you look really hard. I needed an ISO of 400 and above to get the most of the shots. Anyway, akak's probably home by now, celebrating Raya with her family members while I'm stuck here (I still have laundry to do) blogging about her absence. Urgh! Any invites to any open houses? Last time, it was us who did the open houses!


savante said...

You mean she's never coming back?

matrianklw said...

Not actually. I mean, there might be possibilites that she might just run away and decides to never come back, you know! Oh, all the stories of runaway maids we've heard so far... hard to tell... But we're definitely keeping our faith and hopes high!