Thursday, October 19, 2006

Flying Lesson.


I can't balance this...

Watch out, I'm coming up! Maybe not.

The Witch!

So, you can do that too...

Try to top that!

Am I up yet?

The eagle is landing!

Inspired by their jumping-caught-still shots from blogs like Rames' Studios and smashpOp, I decided to try it on these people myself. It's totally unoriginal, I know - I don't claim anything. But Adrian's compact was there and the idea just hit me while I was checking it out. They were, after all, outside at poh poh's house's backlane playing badminton and I just ran out and told them to start "flying" with a broom. Decided to try the technique myself also to see if there was any special tricks needed. Some of the photos were later taken with my camera because I got kind of irritated with Adrian's plastic cover over his viewfinder.

I had fun ordering them around, though. Not sure if they had as much fun as I did having to jump and jump again with a broom, looking like complete idiots. Probably not. Mom came in the picture after seeing what we were doing outside. I told her to come out and try and see if I could get anything of her "flying". She did and she complained that her legs were aching after the shoot. LOL. My coonclusion, Adrian and Edmund were the better flier compared to mom and Carina. LOL. Probably due to the Halloween mood also. Could've used a better looking broom, though!

Well, I guess, sometimes people just need to have some plain fun!

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