Friday, October 20, 2006

Leave Me Alone.

As I've mentioned before, akak's going back home to Indonesia for 40 days as a vacation. She leaves tomorrow. Time flies, doesn't it? She's leaving the house sparkling clean, unsure if i'd be the same when she returns. I'm unsure of it myself. She gave me a crash course today on how to operate all her stuff, which includes the washing machine and the toilet brush. LOL. She's been with us for such a long time that we've somehow grown dependant on her, no matter how hard we try to do things ourselves. Still, we're not the pampered rich kids who tortures their Indonesian maid by throwing toys at her. Kind of got accustomed to the way how things appear spotless when I return from school.

She had written reminders and notes on tiny little pieces of Post-Its and left them all over the place like the refrigerator door and beside the washing machine. It might come in handy, I think. Not sure if I can remember all those anti-clockwise or clockwise turns of the buttons on the washing machine and dryer. She even briefed me on the right way to scrub the toilet bowl, for crying out loud! Turns out, I needed it after all. Who ever knew that'd be so many ways of scrubbing the toilet bowl and the loo itself using different kinds of brushes and detergent at the same time! She was persistent to have a quick run-through about the iron but I refused and locked myself in the room after that, yelling to her, "Mom will do the ironing. Not me!" Her crash course also included her lecturing me on which kind of material of garments are allowed or not into the washing machine and a demonstration on how to clean the water filter under the sink! *sighs*

So much to do, so little time. Strange enough, I can imagine myself mopping the floor or working the vacuum cleaner with my earphones glued to my ears, bobbing my head to the sound JoJo, as I watched akak's lips moving. After reminding me for about the umpteenth time where she stores all her detergents and soap supplies, she finally sighs in exhaustion, glance around the house and retreats to her bedroom to do some last minute-packing. I was left there to wonder if I'll be bale to make it through without her. I'm thinking : I'd probably be fine cause I can totally be Mrs. Doubtfire if I wanted to. What I'm afraid is that I'd be lazy and I'll start neglecting the dishes and the laundry and who knows what else? Currently, I'm contemplating whether or not to tag along mom and dad to the airport tomorrow. Her flight's somewhere around 10.30a.m., if I didn't hear wrong. Oh, I don't look forward to a teary goodbye then.

Akak and Grace saying their goodbyes with Skype. LOL. Akak uses Skype!

Unfortunately, Akak wouldn't be the only one leaving town tomorrow. Adrian, Carina and kai ma have a bus to catch at 9a.m. tomorrow as well, to Johor Bahru. They'll be at Johor to pick Uncle Quentin (whom I usually address solely as uncle - never knew why, but I grew up calling him that and he's my official godfather) who works there and proceed to KL where they'll bunk at tai yi's house before stopping at Malacca for a brief moment. At least, that's what I heard. They invited me to go along with them but I couldn't because my final examinations are just next week! They'll be the there till this Wednesday, I suppose. I wish them all the fun! However, I refuse to be missing out on all the fun. I did ordered and forced told both Adrian and akak to take counntless of pictures for me to look at! I even bought 5 rolls of film for akak today, which costed me RM50!

To further entail this post of loved ones leaving me going for vacations, I have another couple of pieces of shocking news.

Adrian (yes, the one and only git) will be going on a holiday trip with his (paternal) aunt to Australia this coming November the 16th! Sounds like he just scored a free trip from a lousy competition over the radio when I put it that way. Yes, Australia - Sydney or Melbourne, I'm not sure. Honestly, the green-eyed demon in me was about to strike when I first heard it but I managed to tame it just before it hissed its tounge. Rare. Figured he was, after all, my cousin (more to like godbrothers) and I'm just wasting my energy on it. Either way, me being jealous wouldn't even stop him from getting on the plane! It's weird and outrageously awkward to say this but I feel happy for him, despite the fact that we'll all miss his presence. But he'll be back for Christmas, that's for sure. I've already told him that the one thing he could get me during his trip was an endless amount of I-wished-you-were-here photos to drool over at! Happily, he agreed.

Unexpectedly, Uncle G (the choir master) will also be leaving Penang soon. Sooner than I thought. He broke the news to dad that he'll be MIGRATING (he used the word!) to Singapore, upon a job change. He has taken up the offer and he'll be leaving in the next two months! It only means one thing for the most of us, the choir would be nonetheless, meaningless. It does appear to be kind of heartless of him to drop everything here and just move to a new place with a snap of a finger, but I'm sure he has his reasons. I mean, I'd do that too if I had the offer. But it'll probably take me more thinking before making my decision. It's a rather sad thing to us. I mean, there's never exactly going to be another dinner gathering anymore, would it?. Now, I'm not even sure if he would stay till Christmas is over and conduct the last choir with us. I'm just praying he does. Still, I wish him all the best at Singapore!

I'll have to stop here and help akak with her humongous luggages. Mom's helping her stuff more things into her already puffed up luggages. It looks to me like the thing is going to explode anytime. Mom still has to go through with her about the procedures involved during flight and other necessities while all of us occasionally jump in our seats as the Indian kids let off another fire cracker that echoes its explosison through the night. Which reminds me, it's Deepavali tomorrow! All the little children are probably outside, risking their lives to be another hurt-by-fireworks victim as the parents stay in their horridly decorated houses for their final preparations before ther celebration arrives. Oh well, I'd like to extend my warmest greetings to all Malaysians and especially to all those who celebrate this Festival of Lights.

Here's the song Leave Me Alone by The Veronicas. Just felt like it.

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