Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sudden Return.

Natural Diffuser

It was a clear and sunny day until it began to rain pretty heavily yesterday. It was a perfectly clear day with birds singing in the trees and bees sucking on pollen until after it rained when the blazing sun was reduced to only a soft glow of orange and I began to start choking. The condition didn't get any better and today it was horrible. The pictures were taken today at about 10.30 a.m. and the visibility was just terrible. I was on the way back from poh poh's house after visiting Amelia. This is how bad the haze is in Penang. I wonder if its any worse in other parts of Malaysia. It's impossible to get out of the house without that bitter taste at the back of your tounge and the smell of burning trees filling your nostrils. It's impossible to even open the windows in the house without letting the unclean air getting in.

The dreaded haze is back. Meaning, outdoor activities are supposed to be reduced (tremendously). I'd prefer staying at home all the time,just lazing around. It also means that there's an excuse for me to use the air-cond in my room more, seeing that I don't own any air-refreshener or the likes. I'm not sure if it's true but I think I read it somewhere in the papers a few years back when the haze was as bad as this that air-conds help clean the air. Beats me. How long do we still have to endure this torture? I'm considering to get myself a face mask if this carries on. *coughs**coughs**choke*

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