Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some Catching Up.

Plastic was banned from school today. It kind of sucks for all those people (including me at times) who usually buy junk food, packed in little plastic bags and bring it somewhere else to eat (probably due to the heat of the canteen they prefer eating outside) which is counted as breaking the rule in our school. Dumb rules, I know. But since I had to strap rubbers over my teeth to keep the posture straight, I've pretty much stayed away from canteen food, so I had nothing against the banning of plastics in school. Unlike Edward, he found it a little bit annoying that he couldn't buy food to take it somewhere else to eat anymore. He got frustrated today and decided to eat at the canteen instead. Poor thing.

We'll usually stay away from the canteen and reside at the pond area of our school where there are marble benches and table for students to hang out. Student here are confined to their own respective places (the early bird gets the worm) and friends and they don't bother much about what other people are doing, like taking a dip in the filthy pond nearby, unlike the canteen of course where it's filled with the noise of clanking pots and students chatting. I'll always try to grab a spot at the pond area before others get to it and will try to deliberately complete given homeworks. Edward will buy his food from the canteen and stuff the plastic bags of food in his relatively huge pocket and join me. As I said, it was illegal to be eating outside the canteen, so Edward usually eats with caution and I'll warn him if prefects were nearby.

With the ban of plastic in school, I guess it only means one thing now. I have to spend more time in the canteen, watching Edward and the rest of the senior class line-up for their food as they exchange words of no importance. LOL. Recess is the only time where I get to talk with Edward, like, real conversations (eventhough the topic may be any less important). But I don't exactly get to talk with the other 20 people in my class who barely use English and don't listen to English music. Besides, his what you call a best friend.

On a totally unrelated matter, we've received the timetable for final examinations of the year. Some really fishy rumours has been going around that the principal's monitoring the results of every student for this exam and he'll pick out the bad apples in this school with the mere excuse of reclaiming the "Premiere School" title back as it was tarnished over the years with bad discipline records. But whether or not the rumours are true, it all lies within the monster himself. I was thinking I'd probably be one of those who's going to get picked by the horrible man himself and thus, never too be seen or heard off again after the holidays. I mean, look at my ever-failing Add. Maths and Accountancy papers. I'm just counting on the fact that I don't have many disciplinary records to boast about keep me in this school. Though, I secretly feel that it wouldn't be such a bad thing after all if I left this school.

I should be studying my ass off by this time of the year, going through revision books like they're some kind of old novels that I so desperately love to read and completing various so called "Clone SPM" excercises. Nah. I still have Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break, and The O.C. to finish, you know. Wow! Talk about procrastination. How long has it been since I finished downloading and I'm still not done with them! I'm not only procrastinating my work anymore, even shows! LOL. Desperate Housewives season 2 has already started airing on STAR World, every Tuesday 9p.m. (Malaysian time). I decided to watch the first episode the past two weeks, despite having watched it with Grace on DVD already, and got so annoyed with all the commercials breaks that I switched off the TV during the 3rd commercial break! I guess I've gotten really used to watching ad-free TV series that it's getting hard for me to watch real TV.

I've also noticed a slight change of my music taste lately. Don't what's the cause, but I'm really into John Mayer, Frank Sinatra, Enya, Michael Buble, Tom Petty, Josh Groban and Joshua Radin. They're all really soft music. Not sure what genre you call them (never bothered about the genre of music I listen to) but I like it. I suspect it has got something to do with hanging out at Uncle G's the other day. Maybe I was just blown away with his CD collection that I discovered a side of me that has never been known. I currently have Frank Sinatra's Come Fly With Me on my Windows Media Player. Don't misunderstand, I still think Danity Kane has got some good beat in their album and am still awaiting JoJo's and Jesse Mccartney's new album releases. The love of pop music is going to stay, I assume.

Adrian has just recently gotten a Canon PowerShot A530 from his uncle fro
m Australia. His grandma was on a holiday in Sydney (or Melbourne) and she brought the camera back with her. Lucky guy. I started out digital with a FujiFilm FinePix A330 (it's probably extinct by now) and his first camera's a Canon PowerShot. He did allow me to fiddle with the compact last Sunday and I realised how much I miss using compacts - light and a breeze to use with not so many complicated functions. Hey, but no compact beats my baby. I made him set up a Flickr account to showcase his photos and here's his page. Which reminds me of what I meant to say. Adrian's a big boy now. I've never actually realised the fact that his going through puberty - the harsh voice change from the high pitched little squeks - and all until last Sunday when Uncle G (the choir master) "promoted" him from sopranos to tenors. I guess he's actually growing. Freaky to even see another member of the family go through puberty.

Which brings me to another unrelated matter. My blog readers. Lately, I realised Adrian has been reading my blog (he always said he has but I never believed him) when he sent m
e an image of his dektop. I mean, who would actually plough through this amount of words in blinding orange? Another person who has been reading my blog is Grace. Surprisingly. With all her blogs-are-stupid point of views, I'm fairly shocked that she keeps herself updated about the family and me through my blog. She sent me an email the other day, saying that she was frustrated that I haven't been sending her any emails and that I've not been updating this blog. My goodness. Imagine the shock on my face when she said that. And I think Edward and Carina are the other ones that check into my blog often. Don't know if they read but they do check in. Strange, huh?

Before I end and go back to packing my bag for tomorrow's school (double periods of Accountancy and History!), here's how my current desktop looks like. This is by far, my favourite skin from WindowBlinds.

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