Saturday, September 30, 2006

New Templates.

Don't you hate it when you're searching for a particular something and you just can't find it but when you're not even looking for it, it pops out right in front of you? That was how I found this new template. I swear, I wasn't even looking forward to it after all those failed templates I've tried from Practically given up any hope of ever changing my original blogger template. But while clicking unenthusiastically at V4NY's site, I came across the template that you're looking at now. Wasn't sure about it at first but downloaded the .txt file after previewing it. I backed up a copy of my original skin beforehand, in case anything goes wrong, and proceeded with applying my new template which means, putting all the links, players and tagboards into place. When it comes to me changing template, it's usually got alot to do with the [copy] + [paste] buttons being used. Nothing professional that requires kick-ass Photoshop skills. Just a simple rip-off from the developer itself. =P

Still, I'm kind of proud and content with this new template myself considering the fact that I designed the head banner myself. Not the whole thing, but I made the words of my blog title with Photoshop which only comes to show that the copy of Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Dummies I downloaded the other day is proving itself useful and the pure fact that I can work Photoshop now! I know it's nothing impressive but at least I can call it my own creation. Of course, the little devil by the side was from the original template. I only added my blog title and the sub-title. The simplicity of the fonts are intended, for your information. And the things by the sides of the main content are arranged in no particular order. The tagboard's colours are sel-customised to fir the colours of the template. Admittedly, there're still some weaknesses here and there but this is one of the skins that I deemed as perfect. And of course, nothing compared to dear Adelyn's more refined work.

I've also just recently changed the template over at Durian Photography. Took me long enough to notice that my photographs look much better on a black background. Anyway, it seems to me that I wasn't the only one who's changing templates. Even Yahoo's been making some changes with its new Yahoo! Mail Beta. Being curious myself, I switched my Yahoo! Mail instantly, yesterday, went through the short, animated introduction to what's new and found out that the whole interface's pretty much the same with Outlook Express 6. It's running kind of slow too if you actually notice. But I guess, overall, it's ok and with a little bit of patience, I can live with it. If it's possible, please tell me what you think about the new template here and on Durian Photography. And don't forget to try out the new Yahoo! Mail Beta. Even if you don't it's only a matter of time before they make it default. So why not give it a shot?!

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