Friday, September 29, 2006

Rainy Season.

The clouds above are pulled over like curtains closing on stage, blocking out the burning rays of the sun, leaving nothing but a faint glow of sunlight behind and a dull, grey sky for us to pass the day with with the occasional drips from heaven. Right now, as I'm typing this, it's drizzling out there with the rain, taking liberty to wet every surface that it lands on. Things are pretty much the same for the past few days. Even at school, students make their way hurriedly across the roads, ignoringly stepping on puddles of water while holding files over their heads to avoid the rain, to make it into the waiting cars of their parents. The rain's been causing the drains in school to be filled to the brink, overflowing the fields and causing enormous puddles of water in the hallways and stairways due to the roof leaking at several parts of the school building. I've been pretty much spending my cosy cold afternoons in bed napping, furled up under the covers comfortably or watch multiple episodes of Grey's Anatomy with the covers pulled up to my chin.

School's been alright. I mean, there's still an endless list of homework for me to complete (it just keeps coming in!) and there's the lazy feeling of attending classes for five days a week but other than that, I can say that my days in school are ok. It's the same every single day. I go to school, meet Edward and get amused by his facts over his obsession of Ms. Mimi, and then I attend classes obediently while battling with myself for sanity and some awareness and attention. After that, it's watching Edward and another dozen students munch down their food as they chit chat over the table and exchange false smiles in the canteen before attending the second half session of school when I'd usually daydream and ponder over the possibilities of Mrs.Tan having an illegitimate love child. And later, I'll find myself sitting in the co-driver's seat in the car staring outside the windshield at the splashing water made by wheels of zooming vehicles and having my thoughts disturbed by the car pulling over at the parking space at home. Then, I'll spend the rest of the day couped up in my room, clicking selflessly on the mouse and staring mindlessly at the computer screen until my eyes get weary and I'll decide to go to bed. Pathetic isn't it?

Oh well, the rainy season's clearly here. Ironically, we're covering Monsoon History (the poem) by poet Shirley Geok-lin Lim, totally giving the whole rainy season feel to the class everytime Mr. Goh gives us notes to copy during his class. Plus the rain pouring outside, the sound of rain hitting the tar road, and the chilly wind brushing against our faces as we listen to his views on the poem itself, it's hard not to fall asleep in the cosy atmosphere. Just have to resist laying my head on my folded arms on the table. *sigh*.
Nowadays, I only find Mr. Goh's class relatively relaxing. I mean, the man walks in and goes around the class repeatingly firing the question, "Work or sit around?" to his students and when majority chooses the latter, we'll eventually get to laze around in class. Seriously. Is that cool or what? And especially now, the month of Ramadhan has began and the Malays have started fasting, Mr. Goh's been taking more requests by the students to rest during his lesson. Now that's what I call understanding.

Sadly, other teachers who failed to be at least a little bit understanding remain their same old ways. Mr. Khor still "graces" the class with his endless , complain rants on discipline and his schoolwork woes while Ms. Chee is not even near to cons
idering reducing her workload on us. I have my History notes piling up before me and another handful of Accounts to complete. I mean, everytime the bell rings, either one of us from class will deliberately run to the Teacher's Attendance board to check and see if the next teacher's in school or not. If their names were listed, it'll give all of us something to rejoice. If they're not, it's back to sitting in class and hoping for the clock to turn miraculously faster. There's always that tiny flicker of hope in between classes, you know. The hope that the teacher might be absent from school, on sick leaves or bogged down with other school affairs, leaving us with some lousy substitute that does nothing but patrol the class. Without this hope, I'm not even sure I'd be able to make it through everyday in that mad house under the new management.

Enough about school. Already disturbing enough to be attending it for five days a week. The rainy season's here and so is the MoonCake Festival. It has, undoubtedly made its presence felt with the annoying battery-operated power ranger lanterns that plays nursery rhymes whenever it is switched on and of course, the excessively packed mooncakes, stacked in the malls. Even cable TVs are occupied with mooncake commercials - and I especially think the Cantonese commercial with the people singing in it quite amusing. We never bother to even take a second glance at the stacks of mooncakes and annoying battery-operated lanterns in the malls cause mom always receives free mooncakes from her colleagues. I came back from school that day to only find two boxes (those really fancy boxes that could be used as jewellery boxes) of mooncakes on the table from mom's colleagues and to see another one later that same night . I'm not exactly a die-hard fan for mooncakes but have a sudden liking towards it due to photography values. I opened them to check out the contents to only see "Cheese" and "Nyonya Sambal Udang" tags pasted across the plastic packaging of the mooncake. Certainly raised my curiosities cause the only ones I'm familiar with when it comes to mooncakes are red-bean paste. I'm gonna have to cut them open to try soon.

It's freaky what the confectionaries could come up with these days...

Still, doesn't change the cold fact that there'll be more chilly mornings and cosy afternoons to look forward to. Going to try to get some schoolwork done over this weekend. That is if my desires to watch The O.C. doesn't prevail. Oh, how I love the rainy seasons. Don't you love the rainy seasons? I think it's way better than scorching suns and hazey skies.


Anonymous said...

Canon S3 IS is on my wishing list. What do you? Is it good?

matrianklw said...

It is good. It boasts on a 0cm Super-Macro mode which is pretty amazing when you can't afford a macro lens and also 12x optical zoom. Pretty much gets where I want. Canon cameras are generally good. It has a very user-friendly lay out on its menus. Though, the plasticky-looking buttons are kind of a turn-off point for me. Other than that, the live-viewfinder's pretty useful and there's quite alot of modes to choose from. It's a prosumer, what d'you expect? =P. Welcome to the club of PowerShot S3, man!