Monday, November 20, 2006

The Good & The Bad.

The Good
I figured I can use a little good news to cheer me up here. After surviving last weekend, things are finally getting better. Poh poh was transferred to a private hospital (Loh Guan Lye Specialist Centre to be exact) on Friday itself after the doctor from Balik Pulau hospital was unable to figure out what's causing her stomache ache. It turns out, it was her appendix. It was inflamed and there was something about the word gangrene in her appendix. It proves that Balik Pulau Hospital is idiotic and poh poh's condition was classified as "emergency". She was rushed into the operating theater after diagnosis without the family member's consent. Fortunately for poh poh, her appendix was on the verge of bursting and the doctors managed to save it before the toxic spreads all over her body. Poh poh's currently recuperating in her ward and is looking forward to be discharged soon.

Speaking of which, my dear friend, Edward has finally been discharged from the hospital today, after 5 days of admittance, not to mention, 5 days of no bathing, hospital food and cold lonely nights! I visited him (twice) on Friday and Sunday.
When I went on Friday, he didn't even bother to sit up and he was still on drip and he looked awfully pale and meek. On Sunday, judging by the way he smiled that he could already sit up, he's getting better by the day. Or maybe it was because he finally got his wish fulfilled (his dad fulfilled his wish for him)? Either way, it did put a smile on me to see him get better! The good thing is, he's going home today, in fact, I just got a text from him that he's already home! I can't wait for him to get back online, considering he's practically the only one whom I speak to.

Enough hospital talk. Grace's examinations ended on Friday as well. And she's coming back by the end of the week! Oh, I can't wait! She'll be home for a month, till Christmas, I supposed. Unless, of course, if she decides to return to KL suddenly. Grace has told us to wait for her to put up the Christmas tree and being the obedient little brothers as we are, Edmund and I are waiting patiently for her return. Can't actually remember when was the last time she ever helped us with the tree. But she promised us this time! The only reason why she's only coming back at the end of the week is because she's following Joe's ride - Joe, who is currently pursuing Engineering in Johor Bahru and is still on a relationship (a relationship that I doubted will last at the beginning) with my sister. Going strong, I suppose? =P

Another thing also, akak's coming back at the end of the month! Last time, it was 10 days before her tearful departure. But this time, it's 10 days before her long awaited return! Damn, time does fly! I'll be saying goodbye to my housewife routine soon! That is IF she comes back. Oh, trust me, we do have our doubts when it comes to this matter. After all, she's only human. I guess most of us just wish to shut it off and look at the positive possibilities. Only time will tell. But I was only beginning to get used to waking up at 8a.m. (sometimes later) to empty the laundry basket into the washing machine and then cleaning and dusting the furnitures, and later, fluffing all the pillows and making the bed before I settle down with some toast and chicken soup for breakfast, before I continue with more cleaning and later, inserting the laundry into the dryer and after that collecting it to be folded for ironing. Busy busy life of a housewife househusband, isn't it?

Still I'm able to find time to attend meetings and for my computer. What can I say, I'm a good homemaker. The best thing about akak's return is that I can say goodbye to a diet of economical rice, fast food and instant noodles (and anything else that only requires 2 minutes of cooking time for that matter!). I just can't wait to taste something that isn't Ajinomoto filled or preserved before cooking! I'd rather not eat! Now that she'll be back (I assume) I can go back to the proverbial Chinese family meal that consists of 3 dishes and 1 soup (sam ko choi, yat ko tong in Cantonese) and rice. Unbelievably enough, I'm missing it. Believe me, burgers and fries won't take long before you start getting bored. Darn, it does get old sometime later!

Oh and did I mention? It's the first day of the school holidays! A whole month and a half book-free! Maybe not for some who are practically studying their ass off for next year's SPM. But not for me!

Moving on.

The Bad
So maybe this isn't that much of a bad news but... I've just finished the 3rd season of The O.C. and I'm absolutely speechless to see Marissa die in Ryan's arms! It was such a it-was-not-supposed-to-end-in-such-a-way ending! I mean, I knew she was going to die from the O.C. forums I joined but I didn't expect her to die in such a tragic way - dying from the car falling off a cliff onto another road with a head injury right after her graduation, on the way to the airport to start a new life with her dad! *sobs*. This cannot be happening. And to see Ryan's expression on his face to see her slip away in his arms was such a teary moment. Finally when things were going to get better between all of them, she dies! Damn it! Why does The O.C. always ends its season with deaths? Anyway, I deleted the show from my system this time without much hesitation and now I'm left with 11gb worth of space, which I'm waiting to fill up. Any suggestions?

The other thing is, the drilling of walls and mixing of cement is back! It's really annoying and irritating with the continuous sound. The worst thing is, it's dirtying the whole storeroom again! Back to square one! It has left everything covered in dust with a little content of cement and leaving the floor in the house powdery. I suppose dad and I will have to take sometime off somewhere between this week to get it cleaned again - going through the trouble of extracting every damn thing in there, giving it a thorough brushing and rearranging them back again! Only this time, I'm not putting back the box which contains the Christmas tree and the decorations that comes together in it!

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