Saturday, November 04, 2006


Pissed off by the frequent crashes on my computer and the speed, which happens to be extremely slow, I'm deciding to re-format the whole thing!

Wait, let me correct that.

I've decided to re-format the computer and it's going to happen tonight.

Look at the time now. I'm still keen on doing inserting the Windows XP CD into the CD-ROM. I'm currently backing up my important files (there's still 45minutes left for it to complete) into my freaking external hard drive of 20G through a FREAKING 1.5 USB port! Urgh. My computer's probably 4 years old by now and I guess it's understandable for a thing that age with shitty components like that.

I've been so put-off by the speed of the entire thing for a couple of months now and I can't take it no more. After using Adrian's computer yesterday, I felt that I needed to do something! I definitely can't afford extra RAM or new drives. So I'm resorting to the conventional way of re-formatting.

Right now, I have Adrian to help me out. Let's just say, he's a FREQUENT reformat-ter. Not that I don't know how to reformat - it's just that I needed confirmation on what to do cause it has been exactly a year since the last time I reformated the computer myself. Hell, I was the one who taught Adrian how to reformat. Well, not exactly. I just shoved him out of my door with a copy of a Windows XP CD and told him to go figure it out! =P

I hope I get things done by tonight. I really hate procrastinating when it comes to my computer. No idea why. I just hope everything turns out ok. *fingers crossed*


At last, I'm done and over with the whole reformatting of my computer. I've installed everything that I need and have tried my best to customize it to the way it was before the reformat. Pretty pleased with what I've done with it. Can't think of any more programs that I use to have but I'll do when I do. Turns out to be, the master needed help (and someone to keep me from biting my nails off in desperation with every click and press of a button) after all. Probably due to lack of usage of skills over the years, it has undoubtedly become rusty. Thanks to Adrian (he was here for a sleepover anyway!), he helped me through most of the processes and calmed me most of the time when things took a certain time to finish installing. Phew. I was so afraid it wasn't going to make it but it did. Still haven't obtained the optimum speed yet though. Limited space as well. Oh well, as long as it runs at a normal speed, I'm fine with it.

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