Saturday, November 11, 2006

Reading Habits.

It never fails to make me feel small and insignificant when I'm around people who can blurt out the names of famous authors and numerous titles of books without any complications or mispronunciations and then offering their humble opinions about the book without even being asked too, making themselves look like some scholar. In other words, bookworms. Seriously. I've always thought that these people are probably the smart ones in a community that they can remember what they've read so clearly, without having to pause and think about the title or author (even pages!) in a book-ly conversation. And it pretty much seems to me that they've probably read all the books (or the important ones) that has ever been published out there - or as they make them look as though they did.

How do they keep up with that?

Do I need to say more? I'm obviously not one of the huge masses of bookworms. But there are times when I wished I was even half like them - being able to recite Shakespeare quotations with poise and dignity (and pride?). Well, not even close. Could barely find any suitable quotations (or anything smart or witty) to say when the situation arises. Now, is that considered stupid? Probably. It seems so easy for them but it takes me a good 2 minutes stuttering nervously while I panic-ly rummage through my mind and still come up with something lame that no one has ever heard before. Usually at the lost of words when the occasion arises. Kind of thanking God now that I don't get into entanglement with scholars and bookworms all the time. But it still kills when I'm putting up with them.

Maybe it's because I don't read that much and I should probably do.

That's what I thought. But... to look for a right time to start a book is hard throughout the whole year. Especially when examinations (monthly or termly) are running for four times a year! I don't know. Is it just me or does anyone find the difficulty to even start a new book when we have exams to study for all year round, not to mention the homework and assignments all throughout the terms. And what about TV or computer? My free time's basically filled with channel surfing and doing things involving the internet. So does this mean that the ones who are able to memorize the list of books that they've read over the past 6 months, do not do all the stuff I do? The only time when I find it extremely free to read a book is during, ahem, shitting.

I've practically given up reading before bed, every night, because the process was too slow and I don't have a suitable lamp to read with. Same goes to shitting (can't think of a nicer word). It only takes me a few minutes to get it over with (put aside the 'special' cases) and knowing how slow I read, that's probably going to take me as far as a couple of paragraphs. How long would it actually take for me to finish the entire book? A year? I guess that kind of explains my lack of reading. I can still count the amount of books I've read throughout this year (Suzie Wong, Unhurried Thoughts at My Funeral, Harry Potter, and recently, Tuesdays with Morrie). And the only reason I can still name these books is because I've searched through my blog archive! Or else, I might never had any recognition! Seeing that, I tend to raise eyebrows when I'm seen delved into the book in my hands.

Since that my finals were just over, I headed over to Grace's room (a couple of days back, I think) and checked out her library-like shelves, hoping to find some good read. Obviously, she doesn't read all the books in her room but she just keeps it there, arranged horiz
ontally and neatly, since it was passed down to us by my late godfather. Standing there with both my arms around my waist, giving the entire book collection a good quick glance through, I suddenly realized how much it felt like a library with all those pages in the books turning yellow as the smell of old pages greeted my nostrils. I'm just oddly attracted to it, I guess. With one of my finger on my chin, the book that looked newest among the others with red letters across it attracted me and naturally, I picked it out with another finger.

Studying the appearance of the book and giving the back cover summary a quick read through and immediately decided to read it, considering how Christmas-sy I was feeling at the moment! It's basically 4 short love stories revolving around Christmas, written by 4 different authors, compiled into a book, entitled, Christmas Journeys. Freaky, isn't it? I go on a reading hiatus for a couple of months and decides to pick up a book, unknown to the world and unavailable online (I tried!), when I finally decide to read. All I can say is that, it's just who I am. Certainly not the kind who rushes to the nearest bookstore to grab hold of the current bestseller to pile up in my already towering amount of books. Not that I have a tower of books with the word 'bestseller' printed over its front pages in the first place.

I've just finished the first story today and it has got me giggling to myself in delight with every twist and turn of the story. I don't know how old this book is but the pages have all turned yellow and some were even torn around the edges. I couldn't help but get more attracted to the aroma of the book with every turn of the page, going in deeper into the snow-covered forest of Christmas with this book. Enchanting? Not exactly. Down to earth? Maybe. Christmas? Definitely! Believe me, I'm taking my time on this book. Savoring it bit by bit.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm not the only one who has started new books this holiday season. Edward has been wanting to buy a book from Dan Brown (Digital Fortress, I think?) and he's currently worked up on the (movie) Stormbreaker's book (Alex Rider is it?). Don't know what it's called but he sounds very excited about the book over IM. He's been trying to get me out to MPH to get his books since he's holidays started but I have been ever so busy. Though, I do have my eye on '5 People You Meet In Heaven' by Mitch Albom.

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