Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The end of the examinations (or as I call it, the TORMENT period) ended with a good note, I think. Once again, the exams were here and my life was taken over like alien invasion or something. My mind hasn't been functioning properly since the exams started. I keep forgetting things and I find it hard, at times, to talk. The right words just can't come out and pronounciations are all awry. Saliva has not stopped itself from spilling out during conversations either. And worse of all, I think I have Short Term Memory Loss. If it's anyhow true, I think it's getting worse by the day. Ask the people around me. The number of times I ask, "Where was I?" in a conversation can get to an alarming rate.

"Now, where was I?"

Anyway, the first semester examinations, (*sighs* I'm glad to say) are over. The whole week of examinations wasn't exactly smooth-sailing. Well, the examination itself wasn't smooth-sailing but with the breakdown of my computer on the second day of exams, I almost got off track. Completely. I wasn't sure what was it that I do to get my computer into a stage of disrepute. I was helpless and desperate at that time. Computer breakdowns, especially during examinations, gets me all hyped up and worried. At that time, attempts of resuscitating the computer often result in me ignoring my books for the next subject the next day. Which explains the blank stares into the sky and the heaps of unwritten blank sheets I passed up the next day during my History paper.

The only thing I remember doing after that was to call my computer technician to come fix my computer. I told you I was desperate! I mean, I knew completely the ways to reformat (that's the only way out isn't it?) my computer but I seriously was lacking of resources to do it. And since it was the exam season, I decided to get the technician to get it done for me. Told him to try avoid erasing my whole system and keep all my files before I closed the door, watching him walk into the elevator with my CPU on his hand. The whole time (which was only 2 days) my computer was "admitted into the hospital", life was sucked out of me. Going back to a home without my computer is like returning home to a house that has no furnitures.

But, I've gotta give credits to him for having it done so fast (unexpectedly!) and for returning all my files to the way it was. The only thing that changed when my computer got back was the user interface (default Windows XP) and some other few things that I would like to have it my way. The return of the computer was also another thing that got me ignoring my books on the last minute studies. Who can blame me for being a last minute heroe? =P

The whole computer process breakdown got me so caught up in restoring it to the way it was. Now, I'm installing Microsoft Office 2003. Had some trouble with my AntiVirus over the past couple of days. I think I just got my blood pressure elevated a little bit with the frustration I facing when I couldn't get Norton Antivirus installed. I tried McAfee also and it gave me a hell of a time. I settled with AVG Antivirus Professional Edition after making back and forth trips to the nearest pirate dealer for my software CDs.

Technological life : it's like that.

Seeing what I've been doing during my exams, you can roughly figure out that I haven't been concentrating entirely on it. The lack of preparation for this exam says it all! Blogging, downloading, watching movies through my computer most of my days were obviously the reasons. I was too blind to see then. I' mentioning it again that I was always a last-minute person. Wouldn't dare to use "heroe" now cause my results will be nothing near to "heroic". Well, what do you expect me to be? The kind of person who literally isolates himself from the entire world when examinations are near? The kind who keeps himself in his room swearing not to catch another glimpse of entertainment until examinations are over? I guess I'm pretty different than what you think. *shrugs*

Well, it's not that I'm letting my studies go down the drain. I do study. I just don't overdo it. It may benefit most of the time - with grades like no other and academic excellence - but the other important stuffs in life are put aside when you're too into your studies. Religion (attending the church) and vital moral values are often left out by people who overstudy. I see better than that. I know off people who just can't attend church during examinations period complaining that they have to revise their studies. I really don't see what the fuss is all about. For God's sake, we only spend an hour or two with Him!

I'm more to being a last minute person, although I know it's not the right path for a student to follow. Gotta change!

Apparently, this exam was one of my worst in line. Or at least, I think. Results wouldn't be out till after the mid-year school holidays. Two weeks free from the menacing looks of loathing teachers and scathing remarks! I kinda know how my results would look like. Until then, I'd rather enjoy myself during the holidays while I still can and worry about my results after that.

Matt : I think I'm getting really, really bad results this time.
Mom : *smacks my head*
Grace : I suppose I'll have to confiscate your computer and other entertainment gadgets you have, then.
Matt : *gasps* You can't do that!
Grace : And why not?
Matt : We watched "High School Musical" last night didn't we? You saw how Troy lost his spirits after his girlfriend was taken away from him? I'm going to lose my spirits too if you's confiscated my things! Grades will get woser than they are now.
Mom : Ya loh, ya loh!

For now, I'm going to have to start packing my bag for my BRATs workshop this Sunday and I'll have to complete customizing my computer by then. And there's also going to be a Catechism outing this Saturday. They decided to go watch the religion-shaking movie The Da Vinci Code together as a catechsim outing. Can't wait!!

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