Saturday, May 27, 2006


Finally, managed to drag myself into packing last night, after failing miserably to "open up" to Malaysian entertainment industry. Seriously, One In A Million?? What the hell is wrong with Malaysia?? Am I the only ONE that thinks that the reality TV show is one messed up one?? It's so called a "singing competition" or "talent search program" that is opened to all Malaysians, local artists and normal citizens alike! The winner gets cash and prizes worth a million bucks. Paul Moss, previous judge of Malaysian Idol (also the judge of this show after Malaysian Idol was scrapped off) will always be asking, "Do you think you're worth spending a million bucks on with that kinda act?". Dayang Nurfaizah auditioned, for heaven's sake!

*urgh* I'll have to stop talking about this. I feel my temper rising to an uncontrollable point. Another mention of One In A Million will probably send me into a bitch fit! I was barely watching it, as I was watching some silly comedic Thai horror flick and I only turned to 8TV during commercials.

Packing my bags for a certain outing usually requires alot of time for me. I'll never learn how to travel light, I guess. Maybe it's bescause I have body odor and I'm really required to change that often to save mankind from suffering the effects of my odor. Yeap, I'm really opening up to my blog. The hassle of picking which bags to use (often changing from a smaller one to a bigger one as the list of things to bring grows longer by itself) and the whole packing process took me about three hours or so! Checking and re-checking all my stuff so it's complete (usually more than complete!) and I wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of insufficient-ness! Better prepared now from my past experiences of church camps and scout camps!

I also managed to get my mane shaved off yesterday for the usual price of RM5 from that friendly aunty who opens a small hair salon with her house that's located a few block away from where I live. I just walk across the park to get to her place. It may be weird - now that it's the holidays and people will usually like to keep their hair long in hopes of regaining their beauty for the mere two weeks - that I'm starting to cut my hair at the start of the holidays. Don't worry, I don't usually abide to rules after school time either, but it's my own will to get it cut. Managing a mane like I used to, before the school changed its rules, was really tiring. The hair was given more attention that it was supposed to receive. Why the trouble? I'll rather be Bald and Ugly (although I secretly think that I look better bald).

Other than that, there are still a few things left to be inserted during the last minute into my LUGGAGE. STuff like the toothbrush and toothpaste and some other toiletries. Right now, I'll have to get a shower and get ready for my catechism outing to watch The Da Vinci Code. Who knows what it's going to be like there! I mean, Nicholas won't be there and Grace is tagging along for the movie. I'd probably be bored to death with the people I barely even mix with in catechism. Let's just say, they're the cooler people than I am. They get the news first before I do. Is it because of the age difference?? Maybe.

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