Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Se7en - Come Back To Me

Come Back to Me

yeah--- oh-----
cham man ee mi wot ssuh
nuh ae mo deun gae oh lae dwen sa jin sok ae
nal bo myuh oot go sun go oon nuh pyo jung deul kka ji
ji go na myun nae gae loh dol ah ool guh la go
ji gyub gae nuh leul eet ji mot ha neun nae ga duh mi wot ssuh
ee jen da ee jeul guh lan ji kil soo doh ubt neun yak sok ha go
nuh leul bo nen gi euk ae
ja kkoo nan ji chuh man ga neun dae yea baby

*dol ah jwoh muhl ji ahn ta myun (ahn ta myun)
ah jik na leul sarang han da myun (han da myun)
ah jik kka ji nan geu ja li ae (ja li ae)
nuhl gi da li go eet ssuh yea yea
ee mee da leun sarang han da myun (han da myun)
buhl ssuh na leul da eet juht da myun jo geum man (jo geum man)
duh gi da lil kkae duh mi woh hal soo eet doh lok yea

cham oh lae ji nat ji
nae ga dduh nan ji sarang han gi euk eun da
chum boo tuh ubt ssuh dun eel chuh lum
moh doo eet juh ssuh geu lun dae wae ee luh kae
noon mool ee na neun ji nuh leul man na duh guh lil guhl euh myuh
ddoh him ee deun gun ji ee jen da eet juht da go
oot seul soo doh eet dan mal doh ha go
nuh ae gi euk ha na doh ubt da go mit go ji net neun dae yea baby~

repeat *

man ee neut neun dae
(oh neut juht neun dae)
buhl ssuh dduh nat neun dae
nuh leul eet ji mot ha go
nae ga kkok dol ah oohl guh la go
nae gae loh mit go eet neun guhl mo leu go suh
nuhl da eet juht da mit uht na bwa
nan ah jik kkeut kka ji nuhl mi woh mot ha go
geu li woh man ha na bwah yeah
heng bok ha gae sal jin mal ah joh (oh neul dduh na suh)
na leul dduh na duh him deul uh jwoh
da shi nae gae oh go ship doh lok baby
nan yuh jun hee ee got sae nuhl gi da li go eet ssuh
oh-- oh yeah~

yeah--- oh-----
I hated you a lot
Even your pure face which made me so happy
I hated myself even more for miserably thinking
That after I woke up from this sleep, that you'd come back
Now I made a promise that I wont keep,
To forget everything about you
In the memories, I am getting more and more weary yeah baby

*Come back to me if you're not too far
If you still love me...
I am still waiting for you right here yeah yeah
If you already forgot about me,
I'll wait a little more so I can hate myself more yeah~

Its been such a long time since you've left
I forgot everything including our loving memories
But I dont know why these tears are falling
I walk down the street where I met you
Am I having a hard time again?
I say to myself, that I can laugh it all off
I kept telling myself that I have not even one memory of you left

repeat *

Its really late
You already left
But I can't forget you
I believed that I forgot you
But really, I believed that you'd surely come back
Maybe I have to hate you and miss you 'til the end
When you left, I had a harder time
Please come back to me baby
If you remember me again, if you come back to me again
I am always here in this place waiting
oh-- oh yeah~

After winning the MTV Asia Awards for Favourite Artist Korean, Se7en definitely made an appeal to me. I searched for some of his songs and came to this. I think it's a nice song. Just though of sharing. I'm still not a die-hard fan, though. It's supposed to be the language barrier that's keeping me from being a fan of his. For now, I'm still listening to the rythm of his song and I'm still trying to pronounce the words of this songs. The lyrics definitely helps. Just click on the title of the song to download it.

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