Sunday, May 28, 2006

Last Minute Worries.

The nervousness is nervewrecking! 5hours to BRATs sign in and I'm a bundle of nerves! So many questions been runing in my mind since the past couple of days. I wonder how are things going to be there. How's the motel going to be like? Grace and akak had their triumph in scaring/convincing me that those kind of old motels by the beach are usually "unclean" and there was an instance Grace referred that the motel was something like a pick-up place for prostitutes. Imagine a brothel in some Chinese movies with those single red bulb hanging in the middle of the room, giving tenants the impression of blood on the walls. In addition, I have my fair share of scaring myself that motels like those are filled with low hanging cobwebs and emtpy walkways with creepy old-fashioned elevators (worse still, no elevators!) and blood filled bathtub.

"Are the walls going to spill out blood when I sleep in one of those bunks beds that are pictured in ghost stories?" I asked Grace. "Most probably," she answered in a casual tone. I know these are not true but considering all those horror flicks I've watched which revolves around motels and rooms - like The Sisters, Ju-On, One Missed Call, The Shutter and I can't remember what else - and all the horror story books I've read, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm scared. Well, I am. I can't stop my imagination from flowing. "Just bring your rosary and everything will be fine," added Grace after hearing my rants. "Can I bring the statue of Jesus also and set up a mini altar there? And if I have to, I'll exorcise the place myself," I replied.

Really feel like pulling myself out now.

Urgh. What is this called? Last minute anxiousness or something. I bet it's a sickness. No one gets as jumpy as me when something big is nearing. Attending Aunt Judy's (mom's friend from church) son's wedding dinner (which I spent my entire evening trying to get my mind off things, reading Harry Potter) last night made more questions pop out into my mind. Am I really ready for this? What if I FAILED miserably on the assignments (according to the schedule, we're to be given assignments)?? What are the people going to be like?? Am I going to meet any friends?? Will it be tiring like scout camp?? I'm having the impression that the field assignments are going to be someting like America's Next Top Model's walk-in-interview. You know, travelling in hurriedly in a van from one place to the other. Anyway, talk about confidence, I ain't got any!

As excited as it is, I'm still nervous about it. I've got my fingers crossed.

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savante said...

Oddly enough I find skanky brothels like the one you mentioned alluring.