Thursday, May 25, 2006

Life After Exams.

Now that the exams are over (sighs), I'm back to my old internet-addicted self. Blogging, surfing, and downloading! The computer's still a litle unstable after the reformat. I'm still replacing things to the way it was. Not a smart choice, but... talking about being comfortable with your computer, I think I'll continue with my work. My internet connection's pretty messed up too. I'm not sure what's wrong with it but it's really getting on my nerves! It's connected all the time but it just can't load sites like it used to. I'd have to re-click or re-enter an URL for multiple times before it gets connected to a certain site. Very very frustrating... So far, the only explanation I can deal with is that BitComet's pretty much disturbing the line.

Anyway, decided to skip school today with the main excuse of wanting to catch the results of American Idol live at 8a.m. in the morning. Which brings to, TAYLOR HICKS!! He won! Astro "via satellite" airing of American Idol was pretty faulty. Minutes before Prince's performance, I lost the channel. The TV went blank. The remote was the victim then. Ferociously hitting all the buttons for it to come back. Fortunately, the show resumed seconds before I start hitting and banging the Astro decoder

Back to the results, it's pretty unbelievable, if you ask me. Who would've ever thought it could be HIM? I mean, I always saw him as the "old man" throughout the whole season. The grey hair?? Makes him look like his 100years old. The image of his parents during the finale performance was almost surreal. Grace went, "Oh, Taylor still has parents!". I expected others like Kellie Pickler with her cuteness (who wouldn't?), Paris Bennet with her skills and confidence, Chris Daughtry with his rocker style or Elliot Yamin with his soulful voice to be "crowned" the American Idol. Instead, Mr. Soul Patrol got the part! Though, I must admit that Taylor's dancing skills and moves cracks me up! That wobbly-legs move he does! Man, that's funny! Oh well, that's how Americans see it. I'm nothing but a spectator.

I spent my day catching up with stuff online. Checking out the blogs that I missed so much over the past 2 weeks, mail, music update and etc. Practically spent my whole day staring into cyberspace, in front of the square box that gives out light in my room. By lunch time, I realised my eyes get smaller and tears keep rolling down my cheeks. Vision narrowed and my eyelids were halfway through closing. Took a turn to spend my afternoon clearing the mess I've made in my room over the examinations period. It was like a rat's nest and it definitely smelled like one too. Cleared thickening layers of dust which settled on my table and shelves, collected for 2 weeks and rearranged my CDs and books.

I listen to alot of songs when I study. I absolutely cannot tolerate with silence when I'm studying. Therefore, CDs are left, exposed on the table without covers and some are left stuck in the players. Books used for referrance taken off the shelves are left opened on the floor and desk due to the hurriedness of a student to do his last minute studies. In short, ther room's in a total mess when I don't have the time to clean it. Somehow, I try my best to keep the bed clean as I very much need the sleep every single day.

The other things I did today after my clean-up of the mutilated room was read. Surprise, surprise! Yeap, I do read. Remember the book I read somewhere in January, "The World Of Suzie Wong"? I do read, but not that much. It proves that I can be THAT lazy till I can get pretty reluctant to pick up one of the many books that was passed down to us by my late godfather to start reading the tiny printed words over the pages that has turned yellow over the years and pretend that it's really intriguing! But... I managed to pick up Harry Potter's (again) fifth book, The Order Of The Phoenix. Seeing that Grace had already finished with the sixth book - The Half Blood Prince - I wanted to start too and thought, what would be the best time other than after-exams? The only reason I'm re-reading the fifth book is because, I can remember nothing about it. I have to know, at least, what happened the last time to catch up with the sixth book.

So now, I have the book opened to page 139, chapter nine on my desk in front of my keyboard while my player plays Pussycat Dolls - Beep. Reading can be very time consuming. Same goes to internet-surfing!

I still have a list of things to complete tomorrow. Guess I'll be skipping school again since Edward has shown not even the slightest interest of attending school tomorrow. Grrr. Let me see, I'm going to have my hair cut tomorrow. After much contemplating with myself, to cut or not to cut my hair for this mid-year holiday. Was pretty much convinced to let it grow till I get back to school until I tried applying some gel over it! It was hideous! There was no way I was going to bring myself to BRATs workshop looking like that! So, I'm going to get it shaved off (I abide to the school rules!) tomorrow at the nearby barber for RM5.

I'll also have to start packing my bags, getting ready for BRATs this Sunday. Wait, do I sound like I'm bragging about this BRATs workshop? Please tell me if I am. It's just... it's quite a big deal for me and I'm really excited and looking forward to it. Made a few phone calls to the STAR headquarters to confirm my payment for the workshop and called up the accomodation place to get the location. Still haven't picked which bags to use and what to bring.

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