Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Over The Rainbow.

"So your exams are over. Going to have a relaxing night tonight?" said mom while driving as I looked dully outside the speeding cars and motorbikes with my left hand clasped over my forehead. "Hmm... I suppose it's just the same as every other night," I shrugged back at mom with a little sigh. The examinations ended today with an objective History paper which didn't require much of revision since things were still fresh on my mind since day one. Honestly don't know why I wasn't fleeting of the ground but I hoped I would've. I mean, it's been so long since I wanted this day to come but when it actually did, it wasn't as anticipated as I thought it would. Didn't even feel the need to throw a celebration or the likes.

Obviously, not the kind who goes for grand parties with banging music and a flood of steamy (not to mention stinky) bodies. I think I'll just pass on that offer to go underage clubbing. More of the kind who prefers to stay at home alone and spend the night quietly catching up on episodes of Grey's Anatomy or The O.C. or just simply listening to some good music with a cup of cold yogurt and and a beef bacon sandwich in hand. That would be nice. Nevertheless, blogging and channel-surfing would be two good alternatives. Either those, or starting a new book from my library-like shelves would also help me occupy the night peacefully.

Anyway, during the last few hours before the examinations ended today, where the class atmosphere was as quiet and as dead as keeping a wake probably due to the fact that everyone were secretly thinking of ways to welcome the holidays as they pretend to read they History note books, I felt a little heavyhearted. Strange enough, when there was still an hour left for us to chit chat revise our books before the History paper started, I felt heavyhearted, thinking that this whole thing would be over in two hours time. This thing that we've been waiting for to end since the past week and this thing that everyone worked for throughout the entire term would be over in the next couple of hours.

It was as if I was reluctant for the thing to end, yet, on the other hand, I was practically jumping on my feet in rejoice that examinations were finally going to be over! Then it struck me, that the examinations period was the period of pure torment and at the same time, pure fun! It's true. If you think of it, examinations period is the only period when we're exempted from all extra curricular activities. No sickly club meetings or tiring sports practices! Examination period is also the only period when we're actually exempted from certain school rules. Take eating in the canteen, for instance. We're allowed to eat in the classroom during examinations period during recess without being fined by the school prefects.

What about light bags? Hell yeah! Examinations period is also the only time when we get to carry the least amount of books to school - particularly for the subjects that we're having the papers on that day. A week of no slouching or bending over, giving in to the weight of school bags twice our sizes! Examinations can also be easily used as lame reasons to skip boring wedding dinners or uninteresting family gatherings. But I obviously never use that as excuses to skip any family gatherings, whining and complaining away like an annoying brat! Oh well, I guess examinations do bring its benefit after all - despite the horrible and hair-pulling moments during the few last minutes before each paper starts! Don't even get me started on examination results.

Either way, whether I like it or not, the examinations are over - unlike poor Grace who's examinations ends on 17th Nov! This only means that Christmas is drawing ever nearer! This is going to be the time where I'll have to stack up on my Christmas CDs, which includes the classical CDs we have had over the decade, and place them by the DVD player. Time for a little decorating also! And since akak won't be around this time (no nagging about leaving dough fingerprints on her kitchen top!), I was thinking of getting my hands dirty in the kitchen with the dough and sugar and perhaps the mixer and the oven? Who knows what I might come up with? No idea. Just wanting to be in the fun of merrymaking, you know.

Anybody want to donate cookbooks?

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