Saturday, July 16, 2005

Superstitious huh?

Monday was intense. got the pleasure of skipping sch but the displeasure of attending my late godfather's one year death anniversary celebration. yeah, had to go pay respects and stuff to commemorate his death, i think. not even sure wat is was. i thought the whole thing was just like a 1hour thing, but it turned out to be, 5hours! gosh! i thought my parents was "that" good to allow me 2 skip school dat day for such a short thing. but they proved me wrong! geez! i had to even wake up early eventho the prayers thingy starts at 10am! had breakfast with my parents at abt 8am and went to help them set up the altar. they had to do all this altar set up and stuff. got kinda bored there at 1st. i didn't quite lend a hand to the ladies in the kitchen. it was just to humid and stuff. so i just sat on one of the shifted to make space for the altar couches to read the newspapers. came across another newspaper filled with numerous bad reports until i came across Mary Schneider's article (the only thing, actually, to look forward into the monday newspapers). as i was reading her article, i just couldn't help but agree more with Schneider's point of view about wight and looks since the past few weeks. all the stuff she says is so true! if she was to write a book, u'll definitely see me lining up at one of the bookstores to get her book! LOL. 10am passed and no sign of their relatives. the priest was alredi ready. we only started praying (holding joss sticks and stuff) at abt 11.30, i think! speaking abt punctuality! the altar was set up filled with various home-cooked dishes and all sorts of food and delicacies. i think it was supposedly for the deceased. altho i'm a born catholic, it's not against my religion to be holding a joss stick. as long as it's not for praying to a god or a deity of theirs. we are allowed to hold joss sticks for our deceased ones as a sign of respect. anyway, after the 1st session of prayer, we just had to do nothing but hang around. the candles and the joss sticks as well as the food were left to burn and kissed by flies at the altar as we carry on with cleaning and etc. yup, this is the religious way of doing things. i don't actually believe it, but i also kinda get into the flow at times. wat the hell, i thought. ppl go on lives with their own way. we just tag along. so, as i spent half of my day there, luckily, i get to watch the tv. thank goodness there was Astro on it and it had MTV and channel V! i had to watch the tv with the back of the couch i was sitting on faced to it and through watery eyes cozed by the smoke from the burning joss sticks. i was just in a very uncomfortable position watching tv. reli hurt my legs. but wat the heck, it was the only means of "survival" through the boredom! LOL. as i watch MTV, i discovered to new shows, which were, Trippin and Faking The Video! they are both such cool shows! i was actually touched by the 1st episode of Trippin. watching Cameron Diaz and friends, namely, Eva Mandez and etc, visiting such interesting places in the world, was just a catch to me! they reli do discovering and open the eyes of the world to another level. i'm reli touched when, at times like that, stars aren't stars anymore. they are just like the rest of us. and seeing Cameron Diaz and her buddies being so humble just mad me wanna cry! reli touching. after lunch and the 2nd session of prayers, i got back and had a quick shower before going out again to visit grandma in the hospital. just before we stepped out of the house, mum (oh yea, she took leave from work and was with me the whole day) received text from my cuzin (who is way much older than me) saying that 1 of my aunts had just went to a Buddhist priest to ask abt grandma's condition (no surpirse there!). and the priest said that grandma was abt to "go" and she can most probably last for a few days! my heart smashed, but then, my consciousness told me that i wasn't suppose to believe all these kinda stuff. we quickly rushed to the hospital and met that aunt! she explained everything to us, and she even brought those blessed paper where one has to burn it to ashes and pour water into it's ashes and drink the water. they did wat they had to do, and ofcoz, grandma, believed all this, coz she is a buddhist. so, coincidentally, grandma's report was there, on the table. i took a peep at it, and found out that she was recovering. so, there u have it, i gotta admit that i felt a lil light hearted later, and i just pushed the supertitions to the back of my mind. i was again reassured when i met the doctor, and the doctor said that she was, indeed recovering! anywayz, days passed and grandma is sleeping soundly now in my house as she only got discharged yesterday!

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