Saturday, July 30, 2005

Healthily Fat! (is that actually possible??)

i kinda missed the little fact that i braced my fear of needles during my stay in the hospital. well, sort of. i could barely sleep the night before the day i knew i had to withdraw blood for blood test! seriously, i was so afraid that i kept waking up in the middle of the night checking the time. it was almost like waiting for dooms day! LOL. but finally, it came and passed, so briefly! i was amazed coz i didn't screamed or yell, or even struggle like i used to when i was eight, whe the doctor took my blood. but i was to petrified to watch him do it tho! LOL. i had to take like 3 needles on the day of admission and that kinda cleared the air that i'm afraid no more. i mean, yes, i'm afraid, but i can sustain myself from yellingor struggling anymore when it comes to needles! on the next day, the blood results came out and i was kinda scared to see it due to the fact that i'm afraid to see my report diagnosing me with high cholestrol or diabetes. well, i'm fat, and that's my biggest fear, i guess, besides ghosts, heights, compact spaces and etc. LOL. i asked the nurse abt my results and she explained everything for me. and guess what, no high cholestrol and no diabetes! i was over the top! for a moment there, i thought i was gonna die. LOL. i was over the top to find out that i'm a fat but healthy person! i mean, i'm not exactly with the way i look, but i'm happy that i actually am healthy! my cholestrol level was pretty low though, unexpectedly! LOL. i was so happy! and now, life seems to be much brighter than it has always been! i mean, i noe that i'm healthy and that's the best thing i could ever get! its just that, i still need to shed some pounds. *blushin*. hey, i'm aware of how i look, ok? i do give a damn about my butt, and my extra tyre! i'm working on it baby!

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