Sunday, July 17, 2005

Afraid of Needles!

ewe. i just remembered that i passed the form of allowance to take a jab of Anti-Tetanus Toxoid jab from school. geez, the thought of it makes my stomach hurls! i hate jabs! i hate needles! i just dont know why! sumtimes, i just dont see any reason for me to be afriad, but i'm still afraid! i guess i started realizing dat i'm afraid of needles was when i had rabies when i was 7yrs old. i had to be rushed to a 24hr clinic to get treatment staright away. and the doctor suggested that i was given a jab! man, i'll nvr forget that nite. when the doc came in with a needle, i started yellin and screamin at the top of my lungs! dad held me down, and i started to struggle! gosh, i think there was like, 4ppl holdin me down at that time just to put a needle through my butt! ahah. i nvr stopped screamin even when the needle pierced through my skin! i was even screaming louder! and i think i passed out straight away after it was over. must've been too tired. LOL. and my fear of needles got even worse when i started to have asthma when i was 8yrs old. had to make back to back trips to the hospital and poked by the needles. everytime when admitted, for a few hundred times. every single time, i needed 4-5 ppl to hold me down to get the needle in under my skin! i'm just so afraid of them! the worse one was when i was admitted to the hospital and was staying there for like, 2 weeks. the doctor, who alredi knew me very well, had to even give me sleepin pills to get me asleep and take the trouble to come up to the ward in the middle of the night to give me a jab on my hand. see how troublesome i get when it comes to needles?? i remembered that i fell asleep quickly after that pill and awoke so qucikly when i felt sumone was touching my right hand, inspecting it to trace out the veins. and when i awoke, i started screamin and struggling again! woah! it was so loud. there was more than 10ppl in my room at that time, i think. they were mostly nurses and my parents. i knew the nurses there well alredi! LOL. and after struggling to get me to settle down, they finally gave up. but they didn't stop there. the nurses wrapped me up with the blanket like a cocoon with my arms sticking out. i was still moving too much then. so, they made dadpund on me and held me down with his body. i kept screamin and had to see dad endure it! LOL. at last, they got my needle in and i fell asleep at once, again, out of tiredness i think. and to prove that iwas reli bad when it comes to needles, when i woke up the next morning, most of the nurses i knew kept tellin me that they could even hear my screams from the opposite block!! i was so shy... and i'm still afraid of needles! this time, it wasn't stated when we're gonna have the jab. so, i was like, submitting my name to death sentence and not even knowing when it's gonna come! i'm so afraid... *blush*