Saturday, July 16, 2005

Another week has passed.

came and gone! just like that. time flies so fast! it's alredi saturday morning! as u can see, i'm posting this, coz i just couldnt find rest if i was just to not post! a week has gone by, getting nearer to examinations. countable days alredi! yet, no effort has been taken by me. should probably start next week. but wateva! tuesday was grace's b'day and oso darren's b'day! started school looking forward to the nite's birhtday party which ee was so happy to volunteer to cook for! just couldn't wait for the sun to dive down and make it night! you know, the clock always seem to have the bad habit of slowing down the time when we wanna make it go faster! geez! anyway, after school, i had to make another visit to the hospital as i promised grandma that i was gonna cut her nails for her, including manicures! LOL. so i had to go down the hospital after lunch and did my thing before proceeding to ee's house. i even managed to meet the doctor and asked him abt grandma. reports just show positive signs! so, the day passed smoothly with grace's party (nothing big actually, just a small family gathering at my aunts hse). wednesday and thursday and friday also came and went with a blink of an eye. did nuthin much, nothin progressive! and now, friday night, or saturday morning, posting this! LOL. funny how my life works. anyway, i'm just hoping to get to watch Fantastic Four by this weekend and i'm looking forward to Harry Potter's release today! so excited! i'm getting kinda sleepy anyway. nitez.

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