Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Hotel Stay"

having to stay in a fully air-conditioned room with no windows doesn't seem too bad, ya know. well, that's what i thought on the first day of admission into the hospital. and mind you, this is not the ordinary hospital filled with busy walking doctors, nurses and sick looking patients besides the inevitable smell of medicine and the feeling of glumness hanging in the air. well, this is a children hospital, designed with a touch of simplicity and uniqueness that could be hardly found in any other ordinary hospitals. it has alot of simple touches and artwork hung on the walls and the beds are so special that it almost feels like ur actually registering in for a hotel stay. the warmth of the place is so great that it's almost alluring and the irritating smell of antibiotics is almost undetectable. i must admit i had a pleasent stay at the hospital as it felt, almost like home. i was coughing badly last monday, at i had to go see the doctor. the nearest trustworthy hospital was Hope Children Hospital. i noe, it sounds ridiculous, but i actually spent 5 days there! i wasn't expecting an admission, but the doctor said that i'd better be kept there for further observation. so, i stayed there for 5 days. my asthma attack wan't a reli big one, it was stage one. that's why, that hospital had the equipment to cure me. i thought, well, what the heck, anything goes! i can barely remember that i was sick during the stay there. the only time that remined me that i was sick was when the nurse came in and gave me my antibiotics jab. life was a breeze there. my daily routine was, wake up at 7am (couldn't sleep late there, don't know why) get a bath and breakfast by 9, take my medication and an antibiotic jab, and back to sleep again! till it's three, wake up 2 have lunch, medication, and back to bed again. LOL. i had to do nothing, besides catching the 6pm soap opera on TV every day. speaking abt TV, spending 5 days watching local TV, was pure torture! i can't believe how sucky local TV is! just put it this way, (after all these years) Pi Mai Pi Mai Tangtu and Senario is still being aired on TV3! i can't believe it! it's such a waste of time! those kinda shows aren't suppose to be aired anymore. it doesn't bring any significant purposes to the society! no wonder Astro is making good money today! the number of english and chinese program aired compared to the number of malay shows aired are so little. i have exactly no show to watch! and i'm the kinda guy who watches anything at all. it soesn't reli matter what show it is, i just watch it. and for a guy like me to can't find an interesting show, there must be reli no show! i get pissed off almost everyday, to cant find shows on TV! if the government's trying to put more educational show, i must say they're not doing a very good job at it. furthermore, there's like, tons of imitated movie being created now! for instance, reality shows like For Love or Money, the Malaysian version is Mencari Cinta. gosh! so many reality shows too! and even if they wanna imitate, pls do it properly. they're not doing a very good job at it. i reli despise or local TV. so much more space for improvement! anyway, back to the point, i was heavily drugged! i had to take like, 8 types of medicines all at once and there were even medicines for my nose! i couldn't help but feel sleepy all the time (thank god for that anyway. or else i wouldn't wanna be putting up with the TV). to top that, i totally missed the whole week of school, not to mention, the whole week of exams! now, what worries me is the thought of going back to school and re-sitting for my exams, alone! don't wanna give that much of a thought. the funny thing abt this hospital was that it did not have a kitchen, so it did not serve food. patients are suppose to bring food from home and there's no restrictions at all! once i saw, a mum eating laksa in the room and it smelled so nice! LOL. i guess maybe it a children hospital and most of the patients there are babies and little children. i was the eldest patient there at that time! LOL. but whatever it is, i'm out now and feeling much better! i was alredi homesick on the 4th day! and now, i can't wait for tomorrow as mum promised to take me to a whole day of eating in penang! all kinds of food! lip-smakin!

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