Sunday, July 10, 2005

Ear Block! *cringe*

urgh. spent the sunday afternoon in the swimmming pool, hoping to get a tan out of the burning sun. i don actually go to the swimming pool to swim anymore. i went there today coz the wheather was so damn hot! was thinking that i might actually cool down in there and the thought of it was just so intimadating when i was in the hawker centre having lunch earlier in the afternoon, after visiting grandma in the hospital. the hakwers was close to burning hell. so crowded and jam packed. place was humid and was filled with the chit chattering of people. gosh, i said to myself. the life of penangites. and at that moment, i just wanted to do nothing else than to jump in the pool! refreshin... ah... anyway, i brought my camera along, hoping to get some good shots. and it turned out that i was taking pictures of skies and clouds. i think they're esthetic though. i came out of the pool, drenched and most of my fat on my body shaking and bouncing, looking so eagerly to get off, as i walked. i realised that my right ear was partially deaf, due to water getting into them. it's reli irritating. that blocked feeling in ur ear. it makes me feel like, deaf and can't reli hear my pronounciation properly, making me talking extra loud! i was jumping and thumping the floor trying to shake it off (Mariah Carey's Shake It Off!) but failed after attempting it for a few mins. came back and tried shaking my head off. it felt like i could almost popped out of my head! carina laffed czo she saw me shaking. i told her to blow inside my ear. but it didn't help either. i tried sleeping down on my right ear. still no help. at last, i gave up and left it there. till now, i still have that in my ear! reli annoying! when i sing, it sounds like... so different! urgh. and it's making me pronounce my word twice! so annoyed! if anyone knows any effective way to get thiss off, pls leave ur comments! i'm desperate and annoyed!!

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