Friday, August 18, 2006

Packing. #2

I'm multitasking : typing ony my blog, picking songs to be burned into the CD-RW and occasionally turning back to insert more stuff into my already puffed, stuffed and heavy luggage (seems like there won't be enough space to put all my things in only one luggage). I guess I will never know how to learn to travel light. Never had, never will. It's only been a week since I got back from my camp and now, I'm packing for KL again. Third time this year? Must be breaking the record.

I'm catching a bus at 9a.m. tomorrow with apoh to KL and will be there for the entire week to spend my holidays. Not exactly as leisurely as you might imagine. The only reason I'm making this trip to KL was because it was Grace's request. She said she needed help in her assignments and stuff and mom and dad thought that it'd be best for me to spend the entire week there to help her. I was thrilled with the idea at first, but am beginning to see reasons of not wanting to go anymore. For starters, the bad encounter with the house from my previous visit was bad enough to scare me away. Not that I'm complaining (ok, maybe a bit), heck, I should be lucky enough to have a roof over my head waiting for me at KL.

There are other reasons which I do not wish to disclose... for now.

My clothes have filled the first luggage. Among other things, I'm burning myself a CD for the journey (it has become one of routines during packing now), and doing some last minute transferring of pictures from the camera and my mobile, besides updating my blog before I leave. I have yet to get an MP3 player (preferrably an iPod), so, the only way I can get my music on the go is to burn them onto a CD-RW and play it in my walkman. Still living the old ways, I'm afraid. I've also packed some CDs along, in case I wanted a change. All the vacant plug-heads (or whatever you call it) in my room are all occupied with chargers.

But seriously, I'm not looking forward to anything this trip. In fact, I'm planning to spend my time studying there, since I've already finished Harry Potter (Dumbledore wasn't given a farewell that the ought to have!). I'm planning to complete all my homework there, spending boring afternoons drawing up graph bars and charts alone. At least I'm going try.

I think that's it. I'll probably be back by Monday. Got my packet of Lay's and my camera in my backpack with two luggages, ready to set for tomorrow. I'm gonna have to do some last minute check list or somehting like that. Let's hope I don't forget anything important (deodarant!). Grace has also told me to bring some stuff for her. Wonder how am I going to manage all my baggages in the bus tomorrow. I seriously need to learn how to travel light.

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