Monday, August 21, 2006

Personal Details Tag, I Suppose?

I'm supposed to post something about being in KL but I've got them saved on my drafts. Don't seem to have the mood to type alot, so, I decided to do Adelyn's tag instead. Kind of obliging also. Got loads of time to spare here also. Mind you, I've never been tagged before, so here goes.

1. Full Name: Matthew Kang Li Wei

2.Name backwards: Iew Il Gnak Wehttam. How Thai-ish!

3.Were you named after someone? Don't think so.

4. Meaning of name: Dad used to tell me that Matthew meant 'The Gift From Yahweh (God)'.

5. Nickname: Matt (duh!), Kang-kang, and Li Wei.

6. Screen name: matrianklw

7. D.O.B: 11th of June 1990.

8. Place of birth: Loh Guan Lye Hospital, Penang, Malaysia.

9. Nationality: Malaysian.

10.Current location: Cousin's video room (KL).

11.Star sign: Gemini.

12.Religon: Catholic (devout)

13.Height: The last time I measured, it was 175cm (5' 9" isit?). Not sure.

14.Weight: Don't wish to disclose. I'm sorry. But you gotta know, I'm fat (really).

15.Shoe size: 8 or 9.

16.Hair color: Black.

17.Eye color: Dark brown (barely visible).

18.Who do you look like: Every camp or function I attend where I meet new people, they'd always say I look like some friend of theirs whom I have never seen or met before in my life. The previous one, I had a girl telling me I looked like one of her female friends! It's beginning to get annoying actually. How many people in this world can actually look as horrible as me?

19.Innie or outtie: What does this actually mean? If it means extrovert or introvert, I'm kinda like in the middle. More introvert sometimes.

20.Lefty or righty: Right.

21.Gay, straight, bi or others: Others.

22.Best friends: Edward and Darren.

23.Best friends you trust most: Edward and Darren.

24.Favourite pals: Grace, Patrick, Nicholas, Daniel, and I can't think of anymore, for now.

25.Best friend of opposite sex: Don't think I have anyone that acknowledges my presence. They all freak at the sight of me. Maybe it's because I'm fat.

26.Best buddies: Adrian and Carina. But I think they're growing up now that they see me as boring. Which is true, in a sense.

27.Boyfriend or girlfriend: No relationship for now.

28.Crush: No one likes me, I like no one. Mostly, they're all temporary crushes. Not worth mentioning. Can't even remember myself.

29.Parents: Mom and dad.

30.Worst Enemy: Pimples and obesity. No human enemies.

31.Favourite online guy: Edward, Darren, Luk Juan, Adrian

32.Favourite online girl: Adelyn, Hui Ying

34.Craziest friend: Nicholas!

35.Advice friend: Akak and Grace.

36.Loudest friend: Sorry, I took that place!

37:Person you cry with: Grace

38.Any sisters: Grace and Grace (Ong)

39.Any brothers: Edmund!

40.Any pets: Used to have Jasmine, a street dog. But she died a long time ago.

41.Any disease: Asthma.

42.Pager: Mobile phone.

43.Personal phone line: Mobile phone number is it?

44.Cell phone: Oh here. 016 4335419. What the point?

45.Lava Lamp: Planning to get one!

46.Pool or hot tub: Pool.

47.A car: None.

48.Your personality: No single words or phrase to describe me, I guess. You can easily tell from the way I write or through my photographs.

49.Driving: Rather driven than drive.

51.Room: 2 beds, a desk, my computer, cupboards, closet, shelves and a big mirror. Nothing awesome or interesting. Alot of junk (personal belongings) and magazines. Neat and tidy.

52.What's missing: Can't think of any. Alway thankful for what I got, especially my family.

53.School: Penang Free School, Penang.

54.Bed: King single.

55.Relationship with parents: Unconditional love. Rebellious at times, but other than that, a healthy relationship is the way to call it.

56.Believe in yourself: Fairly.

57.Believe in love at first sight: Definitely!

58.Good listener: Not really. Tends to start giving useless and unwanted advice. Something to do with being a guy, so I've read. Always trying to solve things when all others need is someone to listen to.

59.Get along well with parents: Most of the time.

60.Save e-mail convos: Gmail does automatically.

61.Pray: At church, bedroom, troubled times and when I'm lonely.

62.Believe in reincarnation: Don't know.

63.Make fun of people: Quite often. Enjoy mocking people silently.

64.Like to talk on the phone: Never have, never will.

65.Want to get married: Depends. Leave for God to decide.

66.Like to drive: No!

67.Motion Sickness: None.

68.Eat stem of broccoli: Ewe! No! I don't do greens!

69.Eat chicken with fork: Errr, I think so.

70.Dream in color: Don't usually remember my dreams.

71.Type with your fingers on home role: WTH?

72.Sleep with stuff animals: I have asthma. It can choke me to death.

73.Next to you: I'm not in my room. But I have a Pikachu telephone, speakers, CPU, calculator, modem, microphone, toy car, pirated CDs of Chinese artists, calender, pencil holder, box of tissue paper and a few stacked books (yellow pages and dictionary and Harry Potter book). This is not my room.

74.On the walls of your room: Nothing. I like 'em clean. But the drawings we made before our renovation are beginning to pop out.

75.On your mousepad: Don't have one. USB mouse (with the red laser).

76.Dream car: Know nuts about cars! Though I've always fancied cars from Kia Motors.

77.Dream date: Hoping for something like Room Raiders to happen to me.

78.Dream honeymoon spot: Don't know.

79.Dream husband or wife: Leave it to fate.

80.Bedtime: Depends.

81.Under your bed: Edmund's pullout bed.

82.Single most important question: "What the hell is wrong with you!"

83.Bad time of the day: Mornings! Just so hard to wake up.

84.Your worst fear: Can't think of any now. Alot, I think.

85.The weather is: Sunny, hazey and hot.

86.Time: 11.08 am.

87.Date: 21st of August 2006

88.Best trick did on someone: I don't do tricks. I get tricked.

89.Theme song: According to Tickle it's Every Breath You Take.

90.Hardest thing about growing up: Learning from stupid mistakes and taking the shame of my stupid mistakes.

91.Funniest experience: Can't remember any for now. Got loads.

92.Scariest experience: Can't remember for now.

93.Silliest thing you have ever said: Can't remember.

94.Most desperate and funniest thing i have done to get the opposite sex: Can't remember.

95.Scariest thing while you are with your friends: Can't remember.

96.Worst feeling: Feeling stupid and embarassed.

97.Best feeling in the world: Have to agree with Adelyn. Acceptance. Belonging. Loved.


Seriously, can't think of any right now also. Bad memory.

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