Friday, March 16, 2007

I Live On Medicine.

It's true. I need to be constantly medicated in order to stay alive. Acute bronchitis, I say.

I'm back from KL with a bad cough and flu (damn, I'm vulnerable!). Nasal and throat infection, more likely. Irritation of the throat makes me cough - uncontrollably most of the time - while the nose keeps getting stuffed from time to time and constantly emits fluids that needs a huge amount of tissue to be blown out. It got worse after yesterday's Bukit Merah outing. Funny though, I didn't know I still had it in me to trudge around all day under the blazing sun, barefooted and soaking wet while hiking up to the top of rides, carrying floats that fits 2 bums and sliding them down, thereafter loosing my voice for screaming. I guess that must've taken it's toll on me. Visited the local hospital last night and was prescribed with the usual four types of tablets causing another dent in mom's purse after the KL trip. Zyrtec for the nose, Bricanyl for the bloody phlegm, Rulid as anitibiotic and Copastin for cough (I'm just playin' doctor here).

But I'm really helpless at times like this. It's not like I want to get sick but it's just the way of my life that I need drugs to survive. I checked the records with the hospital of my last visit and it was November last year. I could see through the messy scribbles of a doctor in the record file that she flipped through that showed 4 to 5 visits to the hospital in total last year, all with the time frame of a 3 to 4 months in between and all with the same medicine prescribed. So I guess it's still an understatement that I take drugs to live. Which just gives me an idea actually. I could just do a life investment on these medicine and take them from time to time, now couldn't I? Sure saves a hell a lot on the consultation charged by doctors. I can even be my own doctor then. I don't get any other kinds of sickness actually. It's all the same. Flu, cough and sometimes fever. Anything further, it's the lungs and I'll be looking at a heavy bill on admission.

Bah. Wonder if I'll have to live this way for the rest of my life.

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Maya said...

Poor you! It's no fun being sick huh! Well, get plenty of rest and have your medicines on time. It must be the flu bug around this time of the year. Take care!