Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Elements of the Season.

Blooming pink flowers coloring the roads that look like sakuras, making it feel like spring.

The bu lang sai (lion dance). I didn't see one this year though.

Red decorations. Especially red chinese lanterns and gold ornaments.

Temple visiting. Buddhists, of course. Mine's only for photography purposes.

The inevitable hot weather. Fuuh.

Dangling china imports sold at wet markets.


Reminiscent. Remembering the ancestors. Fulfilling filial piety.


Mandarin oranges (kam). Loads of it.


Lots of love.

Poker cards. Gambling.

A daredevil, albeit a little brainless.

Firecrackers. Ahh, the comforting sounds of explosions.

Visiting (even the farthest relative).

And collecting "ang paus" from them.

And the most important of all, unity.

P.S: I figured that it'll take till next year if I were to edit these photos. So I'm just posting things as they are.

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