Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gathering of Pictures.

Federal Hotel.

The setting. Quite grand, if you ask me.

Nuffnang, was there.

5xmom's pink laptop was there too albeit encountering some technical difficulties.

I met Albert...

Autographs from celeb bloggers.

Lisan, my BRATs-mate from lisansscribbles who was there as well! She's going to write something about this for BRATs by the end of the month!

Ahpek - so warm and friendly. Almost like a father!

Kidchan! One of the person I most looked forward to meeting that night!

The towering giant tiger, ShaolinTiger!

Unexpected turnout was Charles, from What Women Want! I don't think he was a blogger, though.

Boss Stewie, the person responsible for Nuffnang too!

Wingz - the boss of the night. Main organizer, man!

After party gathering of celeb bloggers! All there.

Finally, the main group photo from shaolintiger!

P.S. : This is definitely an obligatory post. I saw a lot of other people there, most of which I have not the guts to ask for a photo or even talk with. The number of blogs that I read is limited too, so I didn't know who was who back then. Nevertheless, it was great meeting everyone that I have and haven't met. It was fabulous itself to even get to attend the party.

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