Monday, April 02, 2007

When The Going Gets Tough, Get Pro.

Yeah, baby *Austin Powers mode*!

Never thought I'd ever lived to see this day but it happened! Gee, I grew up thinking that no Malaysians like me would ever afford a Pro account as it requires payment in USD, quietly putting it off from my mind. Let's just say, having parents who are skeptics when it comes to any online transactions to the point where they've never even tried it before, the idea of purchasing anything online seems impossible! But who would've ever thought! Yeap, it's true! You're looking at it! I've gone Pro on Flickr on the 1st of April and it feels as good as I've always imagined it would be!

Thanks to a certain someone whom I do not wish to reveal, I no longer need to deal with limited space, restricted uploads and am able to create countless of sets! Of course, it's only for a year but you can bet I'm gonna make lemonade with lemons! That person's kind and warm gesture was because that person believed in me. That person really believes that I have talent and really hopes to see me pursue it further. This not-so-little-gift-to-me was an act of courage - a leap of faith on me, more like it, to see me grow in an area that I'm talented in. Honestly, I've never believed that I have any talents to speak off. Even if someone else saw it, I'd say it was sharpened. But not this time. That person's gesture proved that I really do have talents - as little as it may seem. Definitely a boost on my confidence.

Though, I may still have a few setbacks that might deter my production now and then. Like how my computer is slow and that it can barely support the weight of Photoshop running on it, but I'm definitely not complaining. I mean, the only thing I can do is to see this as a blessing from God. I'm sure not everyone is as lucky as me to have someone sponsor them a Pro account on the account of being only a photography enthusiast. Mind you, I still do not consider myself a photographer (in my own terms) let alone a pro! Currently, I haven't got the time to explore all the capabilities offered in a Pro account but I'm going to do so, soon.

Truth to be told, I'm not going to be posting on Flickr daily, or rather, I wouldn't have the time to be editing photos all the time and posting them on Flickr. I still have schoolwork, tuition classes and grades to upkeep at school, apart of other things that is. I know this is good encouragement but I simply cannot just spend all my time there, as tempting as it appears to me. One thing's for sure, I'll be able to expand my display of work from now on and I'm hoping to see improvement in the months to come. I've been working on some portraiture, landscape, still life, and animals lately (never got the courage to post them up as I've always battled with space!) and I'm looking forward to have them up on Flickr, soon. A wider range of subjects sounds like a good idea to compliment my new Pro account, doesn't it?

After all, I have all the space I need, man!

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