Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Birthday Bashes.

April and May seem to hold a lot of birthdays for me to remember. So I've realized this year. Only the previous weekend, I had a couple of classmates who shared the same birthday threw a party at their place, of course. Initially, I was invited but I had to decline due to the time of the party (12 a.m.?). Obviously, not the wild party animal. I did manage to wish the guy, though. Whereas on Monday, it was Ton's birthday but I didn't have a chance to wish the boy as he was holidaying in the heart of Japan (probably because it's still their holiday in Thailand), occasionally leaving offline messages on my MSN, telling me how much fun he's having there.

This weekend too, Edmund's throwing another one of his birthday parties, having as much as only two guests on the invite list - his best friend from his class and another little girl by the name of Vivienne living a few blocks away - although the actual date of his birthday falls on Monday (23/4). He couldn't celebrate last year, so dad promised him a little celebration this year. Oh you know, the usual crisp, golden brown, deep-fried delicacies for the little folks with some candy bars and board games thrown in. I won't be doing any of those annual shopping sprees, hunting for the little boy's gift this year (and possibly for the years to come) as Grace isn't exactly around to be my chauffeur and I'm basically facing bankruptcy broke. After all, the little boy's turning a tender age of 9 this coming Monday and dad has gotten him another new game for his recently purchased GameBoy, claiming that it's coming from the whole family.

While May will be holding the birthdays of the two cousins of mine - Carina and Adrian. Carina's birthday falls on the 1st of May while Adrian's falls on the 31st of May. Funny, huh? They usually throw their parties together (not in the middle of the month!) at either one's date. This year, however, the princess' turning 16 and she's throwing one helluva party. Word has it, she's having a one night hotel stay with some friends and a whole day event going on. I'm not quite sure what the princess has in mind (glitsy fashion shows, fretting down the runway with high heels and feathered hats besides a Barbie playtime sessions and tea parties along the beach with Alice in Wonderland?). Don't know what teenage girls are up to these days but I know if I'm invited, I'll be spending another day on the beach, possibly running away from the ever-clinging Adrian. I know there would be a barbecue, that's for sure.

Now, I'm sure Adrian wouldn't wanna share parties this year.

Another birthday that managed to make it through my thoughts is one which belongs to one of my classmates too, which is on the 2nd of May, if I'm not gravely mistaken. Can't recall any other birth dates currently but I seem to have a blur vision of many dates on the calender circled with red marker this year. Maybe you can remind me. I do suffer from Short Term Memory Loss (who doesn't?). I'm already bad with appointments and datelines, what else, anniversaries. Just need to figure out which date belongs to whom, now. For now, it's the two of the most important people that I need to be in the lookout for.


Doesn't that mean I'm going to have to buy more presents? Damn.

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