Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gunung Lang Photoshoot.

Somewhere in January, the family and I made a trip down to Kuala Kangsar to visit my poor god-sister, Danushya, who got her feet in a cast due to some mishap in Karate lesson. Uncle Rao took us down to the heart of Ipoh to visit a tourist spot before we left. I had a little photoshoot session by myself at the Gunung Lang recreation park while sucking on an ice-cream. Uncle Rao and I happened to be taking a breezy walk talking about digital cameras when we stumbled upon this abandoned and broken bridge at one end of the park, leading to God-knows-where. It does seem to me like there was some history behind this old link and I do get the feeling that there's another place (possibly mystical!), swallowed up by wild bushes.

The Forbidden Land.


The Pioneers.

The Good Ol' Path.

Aging With Time.



As I said before, I really took the suggestion of angles and direction from Uncle Rao that particular one time and it was a refreshing experience to achieve photos that would make aother person nod their head in agreement. I know, this photos are way overdue but I've hust recently gotten around editing them. This also marks the first time I'm posting images hosted on Flickr (really can't keep up with the momentum of editing a different set of mediocre photos, branding them with my signature and posting them through Blogger). The computer's aging, so I'm just trying out different ways of saving time. I can't really say if I'll stick to it, but if everything goes well, I probably might.

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