Sunday, August 02, 2009

Shopaholic and Mom.

Today I was reminded about how much I’ve missed mom over the years of growing up and how long it was since the last time we went actual shopping. [I know, after a couple of months of absence and the first thing I talk about is shopping-related. So what, sue me.] I got a taste of what it used to be shopping with mom and jie, the three of us together when the world seemed much lighter and brighter place then. It was about a decade then, I think, when we last went to the mall and walked for a total amount of 6 or 9 hours shopping for things I can’t seem to recall now.

But I do recall those happy moments - how mom used to have much more stamina then compared to now and how she’s still impossible to buy things with given her vital quality check on merchandise before every purchase. She hasn’t changed one bit, I tell you. Oh how times drift by when mom is constantly bogged down by work and worries while we’re usually busy shopping ourselves busied by our trivial teenager pursuits, like school or blogging. Things just haven’t been the same ever since, well, ever since things changed. In a sober way, I pity mom for not being able to have as much fun as she used to, which I understand completely why and am not complaining about.

It’s just that today brought me back to a reminisce of what we used to share, albeit doing pretty shallow things like shopping but again, who cares. I saw a light-heartedness in her which made her radiate even more than when she sees discount tags. Usually, her glee or desire for buying would be doused after discovering some form of defect on the merchandise despite its given discount. But this time around, her spirits were unperturbed neither by this nor the fact that some things are incredulously expensive. Again, she didn’t seem to bother and went on looking at the next item, a sight to behold after such a while.

In the period of financial instability in our family’s part and her constant worry on other things, she used to be impatient and easily annoyed when we children asked for things or when we were trying on things. This time around, like a decade ago, she didn’t seem to care even though her feet was killing her, result of the wrong heels she wore. She was heartwarmingly obliging, to say the least and I am honestly awed by this, waiting on us while we make numerous trips back and forth to the changing rooms of East India. So obliging that she was almost as generous as she sounded, offering to buy us things that we only tried out for fun and not for purchasing purposes.

Don’t get me wrong, of course I like spending money but this is completely unrelated to me being happy to see mom spending money but more towards the penning down of inspiration, result of a sudden bewilderment of mom’s sudden change of shopping habit. Of course, I don’t condone spending unnecessary money, especially during sales (of which I’m often found guilty as charged, for not abiding to this mantra) or from a shopaholic like mom, which is why I didn’t get anything from her generosity. But I am happy that she got herself some things (she totally deserved it) that she claimed she “needed”. Who am I to judge?

Although it was just a random and short afternoon trip of dropping by the mall, I had more of a recollection of a time which I used to and still do enjoy with mom at the mall. I love sales, don’t you.


P.S: At the risk of sounding cheesy and elementary, this sudden strike of inspiration was also a desperate attempt to jumpstart my blogging career (or lack thereof) after a long time of hiatus. Hopefully it works.

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