Thursday, June 04, 2009


What’s scary?

What is scary and daunting is that you’re expected to sit in an examination hall (classroom) for three agonizing hours straight, painfully dissecting your brain to churn out 6 ridiculous 25 marks essays in relation to English Literature classics like Hamlet and Thomas Hardy and 5 insanely long essays in relation to Economics. And that’s just the beginning. The worse part is to have to do it for three consecutive days, straight. The mere thought of sitting for papers I barely studied for is horrifying enough but to actually sit there for hours on end, in full awareness of the rest of the world goes by – now that’s something you can brag about. No?

Maybe for an unlikely student like me.

But the thing is, I’ve just only begun to see the contrasting difference now that I’m in Form 6, compared to the days of yore. In examination terms, question papers get incredibly shorter and brief, with only a few words put in questioning in return of a 25 marks essays. As the question papers get shorter, the answer sheets expected are even longer, easily exceeding 10 pages of written facts or nonsense at any one time. Education gets tougher and the only way to excel is from old fashioned studying – something which I’m still struggling to find time to do. Half a year has passed and I’m still procrastinating on my studies. What’s really scary is that I’m lazying around.

Oh, and the bruises caused from a prolonged pressure from using a pen is also nasty on the finger.

What is scary, apart from that, is when your phone bills keep on escalating, each month to a more worrying amount. I used to use not even RM30 of my monthly credits, usually spending an amount of about RM24 each month. But for the past two months, I’ve received bills amounting at RM41 and last month a staggering RM57. Honestly, I don’t believe that I’m capable of spending that load of an amount on phone bills alone a month, thus the constant refusal to pay them, insisting that there has been a mistake with the telco to be held responsible. Somewhere along that line, I was secretly hoping for a mistake which the telco company would offer a lifetime of free credit as an apology.

Very girl-in-the-green-scarf, I know.

Finally, after 2 weeks of procrastination and desperate scavenging for data and proof, not to mention the different telco outlets I went to, to prove myself right, I slowly came to accept that I am a big spender when it comes to mobile phones as well. After numerous hours of deciphering the digits out the itemised bills, I also came to realise that I’ve spent a majority of it on texts alone. Gee, what have I turned into? A delayed case of teenager-can’t-live-without-a-mobile-phone perhaps? As much as it worries my family, I’m utterly disturbed as well, with my new unlikely habits of texting. Which is why, I’ve put myself into restriction this month, monitoring my phone expenditures by the minute by checking the telco system almost by the second. Currently, there are still 5 days left till my bill gets summed up and I’m left with less than 2 bucks to spend before I burst through the monthly quota again.


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